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Stealing Third on a Dropped Third Strike

Pete Thomas from Ocean Grove, NJ asks:

With less than 2 outs and a runner on 2nd base, the batter strikes out and the catcher drops a 3rd strike. Can the runner still steal 3rd base?... (more)

Abandoning the Bases on a Walk

George McDermott from Fullerton, CA asks:

With the bases loaded, a batter walks and the man on third base is awarded home as a result of the walk. Is the man on third requir... (more)

Catcher's Interference From the Chest Protector

Tyson Tinter from Twinsburg, Ohio asks:

Could you please explain the catcher's interference rule? In a game today, the umpire called catcher's interference. The opposing coach argued that... (more)

Batted Ball Bouncing off the Rubber and Caught on the Fly

Tony Singer from Ney, Ohio asks:

A batted baseball hits the pitching rubber without touching the ground and is caught in the air before touching the ground. Is the batter out?

<... (more)

Getting Hit in the Hands While Swinging

Roy Sanders from Sacramento, CA asks:

The batter swings, the pitched ball hits his hands, and the ball goes into fair territory. What do I do? Do I let it play or kill the play and give h... (more)

Ball Bouncing Off Third on the Fly

David from Massachusetts asks:

Bases are loaded when the ball is hit. The ball hits third base in the air, pops up, and the third baseman catches it before it hits the ground. Is that an ... (more)

Advancing on a Passed Ball Out of Play

John from Massachusetts asks:

If a passed ball goes out of play, does the man on third get to advance to home plate?

Yes! On a passed ball that goes out of play every runner ... (more)

Tagging Up on a Foul Fly Ball

Kevin from Tioga, Texas asks:

Can a runner advance after a foul ball is caught for an out?

Yes! If a fly ball is caught in foul territory it is just as if the ball was caught... (more)

Getting Doubled Up on a Popped Up, Foul, Bunt

Chuck from California asks:

The batter bunts with 2 strikes and it heads foul but is caught in the air. Can a baserunner be doubled off?

Yes! If a batter pops up any bunt and... (more)

ERA With One Run and No Outs

Gary from California asks:

In the Cleveland - Toronto game that went 19 innings, Toronto brought in a position player to pitch in the top of the 19th, Darwin Barney, who had never pitched... (more)

Scoring for a Batter-Runner Advancing on a Dropped Third Strike

Pete from Dallas, TX asks:

We can't figure out how to score this, can you help? Batter swings at 3rd strike, catcher drops it, batter beats the throw to first. How do you score each side ... (more)

Retouching First on a Home Run

Jim from Cranston RI asks:

A home run is hit. The batter tags first base and continues to second, but he thinks he missed first so he returns to the bag to tag it again before he reaches ... (more)

Ball Touching the Foul Line and Foul Territory

Nathan from Oregon asks:

What is the ruling on a batted ball that rolls to a stop with part of the ball on the foul line and part of the ball in foul territory?

As long... (more)

Fly Ball Moving a Runner From Second to Third

Mike from New Hampshire asks:

Is a fly ball that advances a runner from 2nd to 3rd considered a sacrifice fly? Is the batter charged an at bat in this scenario?

This is not ... (more)

Swinging Strike Three on a Hit By Pitch

Tim Tanner from Renville, MN asks:

When hit by a pitch on a swinging strike three, is the batter always automatically out regardless of how many outs there are or if there are any base ru... (more)

Second Baseman Holding a Runner on at First

Andy from Chicago, IL asks:

Can the second baseman hold the first base runner on?

Yes! There is no rule regarding which infielder can hold a runner on first base. 

Catching a Line Drive Off a Teammate's Glove

Jaycie from Bellevue, NE asks:

A line drive hits the second baseman's glove and bounces so that the outfielder catches it in the air. Is the batter out?

Yes! As long as the b... (more)

Avoiding a Balk When Stepping For a Pick-Off

Joe from the United States asks:

With runners on base and when attempting a pick-off, to what extent does the pitcher have to actually step towards the base they are throwing to without i... (more)

Mercy Rules?

D from Missouri asks:

True or false: A game shall be declared over if after five a team is ahead by 10 or more runs or if after 4 innings a team is up by 15 or more runs?

Thi... (more)

Swinging Strike on a Bounced Ball

BaseballNoob from San Jose asks:

If a batter tries to hit a bounced ball and misses, but the ball does not go though the strike zone, is this a ball or a strike?

This is a st... (more)

Catching a Ball Off The Top of The Fence

Darrell Grubbs from Texas asks:

If a batted ball is hit off the top rail of a fence and is caught by a fielder before the ball touches the ground, is the batter out?

No, this... (more)

Scoring a Dropped Sacrifice Fly

Neil from Florida asks:

Man on third with one out when a fly ball is hit to left field. The left fielder drops the ball and the runner on third scores. How to you score the play? more)

Catching a Fly Ball From a Bounced Pitch

Bill from Mississippi asks:

A pitched ball hits in front of the plate and is batted in the air to first baseman who catches it. Is this an out?

Yes, this is an out. If a pitc... (more)

Stealing Home on a Hit By Pitch?

Tim from Michigan asks:

If the pitch hits the batter, can a base runner on 3rd steal home?

No. As soon as the pitched ball hits the batter the ball is dead, the batter is aw... (more)

Batter-Runner Being Tagged Out After a Run Scores

Jim from Florida asks:

Man on third with two outs. Batter hits a dribbler up the first base line. Instead of taking the force, the first baseman just waits a few feet from first for the b... (more)

Fielder Getting Hit By a Pitch

Ben from Atlanta asks:

What would the ruling be if a pitcher's pitch hit a fielder on the way to the plate? For example, a fielder gets extremely close to the plate anticipating a bunt at... (more)

Passing a Runner in Front in Little League

Myren Adkins from Erwin, Tenessee asks:

In Little League, when a runner passes the runner in front of them, what is the ruling and penalty?

 If a runner (let's call him Runner A... (more)

Bounced Swinging Third Strike

Gary from the United States asks:

If a swinging third strike hits the ground and is caught by the catcher on a bounce, is the batter out?

If the ball bounces before reaching ... (more)

Letting the Ball Fall for an Error

Donna from Snowflake, AZ asks:

The batter hits the ball which falls between the pitcher and second baseman without anyone touching it. Is this an error?

This will be judged a... (more)

Attempting to Steal on an Intentional Walk

John Hudson from Las Cruces, NM asks:

Can a player who is intentionally walked round 1st base in an attempt to steal 2nd?

 Yes! An intentional walk is still a live ball ... (more)

Switching Batter's Boxes During an At Bat

Harry Art from Cincinnati, Ohio asks:

Can a batter change from the left batter's box to the right batter's box during an at bat?

Yes! The only restriction regarding this situ... (more)

Stepping on Home Before Running to First

Gary from Arizona asks:

A batter gets a base hit and he inadvertently stepped on home plate on his way to first. Is this legal?

There is nothing illegal about this action and... (more)

How Many Challenges are Allowed?

Brian from Newmarket asks:

How many challenges can a team make in a Major League Baseball game?

In Major League Baseball, each team is allowed 1 Manager Challenge per game du... (more)

Where is the Third Baseman in an Overshift?

Bill Ludwig from British Columbia, Canada asks:

Why are the Blue Jays playing against the Red Sox without a third baseman?

Although impossible to know without seeing the actu... (more)

Umpiring Alone

Keith from Wisconson asks:

I am umpiring 2 men's games soon and I was just informed that I will be working alone. In the past when this has happened, I have worked from behind the pl... (more)

How Many Foul Balls Until a Strike Out?

Dan from Michigan Yooper asks:

How many pitches does it take to strike out a batter if the batter keeps fouling the pitch?

A batter is allowed to continuously foul off pitche... (more)

Throwing a Glove at a Batted Ball and Missing

Mike Rhoades from Ephrata, WA asks:

The fielder throws his glove at a batter ball but misses. Does the batter-runner still receive a 3 base award?

No, the batter-runner ... (more)

Inning Requirement for the Starting Pitcher Win in High School

Dennis Garcia from Asheboro, NC asks:

In high school, how many innings does a starting pitcher have to pitch in order to be eligible for a win? Is it three or four?

We will u... (more)

Bunting The Ball Twice

Eric from Atlanta asks:

The batter squares to bunt and makes contact wit the ball. The ball hits the ground and bounces up to strikes the bat a second time. Foul ball or is the batter out... (more)

Dropped Third Strike Still an Out?

Myke from Delaware asks:

On a dropped 3rd strike that allows the batter to reach first with less than 2 outs, does the strikeout count as an out? ie - 0 outs when this happens. Is there n... (more)

Ball Bouncing Fair But Being Touched In Foul Territory

Luke from West Virginia asks:

Batter hits a chopper down the right side. The ball bounces in fair territory before the bag but is heading foul. First baseman fields the ball in the air in... (more)

Ejected For Stealing Signs?

SirKripps from Bahamas asks:

Is there a written or unwritten rule that gives an umpire the authority to warn or eject a player on offense for reading the defensive signals and announcing ... (more)

Advancing Further Than First on a Catcher's Interference

Jerry from va asks:

Cather's interference is called, but the batter-runner hits a single and is thrown out trying to stretch it into a double. Since catcher's interference was called, doe... (more)

Field Umpire Ejecting a Player

Keith Lane from Avenel, NJ asks:

Can a field umpire throw out a player during an MLB game?

Yes, every umpire on the field has the authority to eject any player, coach, or man... (more)

Interference By a Coach

TJ Frazier from Virginia asks:

In a little league game, there are 2 outs in the bottom of the last inning when a pop foul is hit near 3rd base. When attempting to catch the ball, the 3rd ... (more)

Is a Sacrifice Fly Counted as an At Bat?

Erik from Seattle asks:

Runner on third with no outs and the batter hits the ball to right field, leading the runner to tag and score. Is the batter 0-0 or 0-1.

The bat... (more)

Advancing to First on a Dropped Third Strike

Andrew from California asks:

Can a batter advance to first base on a dropped third strike if 1st base is occupied?

If there are less than two outs and a runner on first than ... (more)

Retouching Multiple Bases on a Fly Out

Chris Bordage from Moncton NB Canada asks:

A runner runs from 1st and both touches and passes 2nd after the batter hits a long fly ball. The fly ball is caught. Does the runner have to ta... (more)

Retouching After a Foul Ball

Brad from Guelph asks:

Is there any rule stating that baserunners (with a leadoff) must return and touch the base after a foul ball or time is called?

Yes! When the ball goes... (more)

Beating Out a Pop Up?

Norm Sanders from Indiana asks:

On a pop fly, can a batter reach base and be safe before the ball is caught?

No. Even if the batter reaches first before the pop-up is caught,... (more)

Tagging On a Third Out?

Ctwinne asks:

After a pop fly is caught with 2 outs, can a runner at third tag up and run for home?

No, once the ball is caught and the umpire calls the batter out for t... (more)

Some general baseball questions

Mariam from USA asks:

How many batters must be out before they rotate? What do you call this rotation? How many rotations are there in a match? What is called when a batter hits the ball ... (more)

Batted Ball Hitting a Base

Terence Condon from Peachland BC, Canada asks:

When a live ball struck by the batter hits a base, is it a fair ball in play?

Yes! As soon as a batted ball hits first or third... (more)

Stealing a Base on a Foul Tip

Art Carlson from Aberdeen, NJ asks:

A batter foul tips the ball with less than 2 strikes into the catcher's glove. Can a runner steal a base since catcher caught the pitch?

... (more)

Does a Fielder's Choice Count as a Hit?

Debbie Worthen from Thousand Oaks asks:

There is a runner on first when the next batter grounded the ball to the shortstop who threw the ball to 2nd base to get the runner. However, ... (more)

Hitting The Ball Off A Bounce

Christine Crooks from Columbus, Ohio asks:

If a pitch hits the ground before it comes over the plate and a batter hits it into play, is it fair?

Yes! A batter can hit t... (more)

RBI Hit By Pitch

Jerry Strutz from Tucson asks:

Does a batter get credit for an earned run when he gets hit by a pitch with the bases loaded?

Yes! A batter gets an RBI on both it by pitches a... (more)

Earned Run On A Passed Ball?

Bill Koval from Quispamsis, Canada asks:

With one out and a runner on 3rd, a passed ball is charged to the catcher and a run scores. Is this an earned run? Does the batter get an RBI?more)

Fumbled Foul Fly Ball Lands Fair

Jack from Toronto asks:

A fly ball is hit in the infield and the 1st baseman, standing in foul territory, attempts to catch the ball but it bounces out of his glove and the ball lands in ... (more)

Fielder Tagging First Base Without Stepping On It

Victor Fernandez from Miami, FL asks:

To force out a batter at first base, does a fielder have to touch the base with their foot, or can they touch the base with any part of their body?more)

Kicking The Baseball

Karl Muehlberg from Fresno, CA asks:

Is it legal for a defensive player to intentionally kick a batted ball to a teammate for the purpose of making an out?

Yes, this is legal... (more)

Fielder Leaving the Base Before the Runner Reaches it

Sharon from Lethbridge, AB, Canada asks:

Batter hits a grounder to the shortstop, who spins and throws to first. First baseman catches it but comes off the bag just before the runner cros... (more)

Force Out Preventing an Error

Marcus Mills from Smyrna, GA asks:

Right fielder drops a fly ball but still forces out the runner that was on first base as they run to second. Is this an error?

This is... (more)

Removing a Pitcher After Two Mound Visits in an Inning

Col from Queensland, Australia asks:

If a coach or manager visits a pitcher twice in an inning, is the pitcher required to leave the game?

Yes! On the second trip to a single... (more)

Maximum number of visits

Neil Hutchison from san diego asks:

In Major League Baseball, what is the maximum number of mound visits that a manager can make to a pitcher? I had thought it was a maximum of 2 per game... (more)

Hit With a Batted Ball in the Box

Jeff from Harrisburg, PA asks:

If a batted ball bounces back into the batters box and makes contact with batter in the batter box what happens?

 As long as the batter i... (more)

Sliding Head First Into Home Plate

Dave from New Mexico asks:

Is there a rule that prevents a player from sliding in head first to home plate?

There is no rule in Major League Baseball preventing a head first ... (more)

Failing to Tag Up on an Infield Fly

James Waters from Mesa, AZ asks:

Based loaded with 1 out and the batter hits an infield fly. The runner on first thinks there are 2 out and is caught between 1st & 2nd base as the bal... (more)

Walk Off Without Running to First (One Out)

Dave from Lunenburg, MA asks:

The score is tied in the bottom of the ninth and the home team has a runner on second base with one out. The batter singles and the run scores, but the batte... (more)

Standing While Catching

Damion Lozier from corinth asks:

Does a catcher have to squat or can he be standing behind the plate when receiving a live pitch during an at bat?

The catcher does not have t... (more)

Hitting a Foul Ball While Out of the Batters Box

Jim Comstock asks:

A batter hits a foul ball but his foot is out of the batters box when he hits it. What's the call?

Any time the batter makes contact with the ball with eit... (more)

Hit By Pitch Affecting Batting Average

Bill from Minnesota asks:

When a batter is hit by a pitch, how does being hit by a pitch affect one's batting average?

Being hit by a pitch counts as a plate appearance but ... (more)

Home Run Off of the Top of the Fence

William Angst from Tamaqua, PA asks:

A batted fly ball hits the top of the center field fence and goes over. Is it a home run?

Yes, this is a home run

Stealing on a Dropped Third Strike

Kirk from Texas asks:

There is a runner at first base with no outs. The hitter swings and misses on strike 3, and the catcher drops the ball. If the runner at first base was making an at... (more)

Intentionally Throwing the Ball Out of Play

Skip Leuthke from Ohio asks:

Can a fielder intentionally throw a ball out of play to prevent a runner from advancing?

Although there is technically no rule saying that the fi... (more)

Running to First on a Strike Three Hit By Pitch?

Donald Brandon from Atlanta asks:

If a batter swings at strike three and is hit by the pitch with no outs and first open, can the batter run to first as with a normal dropped third strike... (more)

Foul Ball Off the Knob of the Bat

Jim from Chesapeake, VA asks:

If a pitched ball hit the knob of the bat and goes into foul territory, is it a foul ball?

Yes, if a pitched ball hits any part of the bat and t... (more)

Replacing an Ejected Batter Mid-At Bat

Joe from Massachusetts asks:

A batter argues a strike call made by the umpire and is ejected. The count is 0-1 and there are two outs. Does the ejection result in an out, thus ending the ... (more)

Two Strike Foul Ball

Drake from Nolensville, TN asks:

When you hit the ball into foul territory on strike three, what happens?

Unless the batter bunted a foul ball with two strikes, which would m... (more)

Pitcher Throwing to an Unoccupied Base

LL from Winchester asks:

There is a runner on first leading off the base. Without the runner making any attempt to advance, the pitcher attempts a pick off to second base thinking there w... (more)

Tagging the Runner From Third on a Double Play

Tom Wassin from Maryland asks:

With the bases loaded, the batter hits a ground ball. The runner from third is tagged out running home and then the ball is thrown to third. Does the runne... (more)

Tagging Up On a Dead Ball

Bill Fogarty from Wichita, Kansas asks:

Runner on first with less than two outs when the batter hits a line drive to the shortstop which is caught. He then throws the ball out of play wh... (more)

Batter Reaches First Before a Foul Ball

Craig from Wisconsin asks:

Is a batter safe at first if a bunted ball trickles foul after the runner reaches first base? Or is it deemed foul regardless of where the runner is on the bath... (more)

Line Drive Through the Green Monster

Nancy Dayton from Boston, MA asks:

At Fenway Park in Boston, if a line drive to center goes through the lights or camera eye of the green monster scoreboard, without hitting ground or pla... (more)

Mound Visit for Visiting The Catcher?

Don C. from Massachusetts asks:

If a coach calls time out to talk to the catcher is that considered a mound visit?

If the coach goes out solely with the purpose to talk to th... (more)

When is the Ball Back in Play After a Foul Ball?

John asks:

Let's say there is a runner on first and the batter hits a foul ball. The umpire throws the ball back to the pitcher but he overthrows the pitcher. Can the runner run to second... (more)

Does a Runner Have to Dive Back to First?

Matt from Nebraska asks:

Does a runner have to dive back to first base on a pick off move? One of my teammates recently got called out because he didn't dive back to the bag. The pitcher ... (more)

Stepping on the Ball and Missing Home Plate

Dave from Dallas, TX asks:

Runner is rounding third and the throw from the outfield gets away from the catcher and runner heads home. The pitcher is slow to cover the plate so the play is... (more)

Leading Off With a Fresh Count

Richard Escovedo from Texas asks:

Team 1 has 2 outs. A player at first the batter has a 1-1 count with a runner at first. The runner gets picked off runing to second for the 3rd out. Whe... (more)

Automatic Double Off of a Base

A baseball fan asks:

A batted ball hits third base on fly and then then flies into the stands without hitting a fielder or the ground. What is the call? Ground rule double or home run? more)

Reaching Home When the Batter is Out at First

Luke Allen from Kingston, Canada asks:

There is a runner on third with two outs when the batter hits a ground ball and gets out at first, but not before runner at third makes it home. Doe... (more)

Getting a Blown Save Without Giving Up a Hit

Bob O'Connor from Fremont, CA asks:

I don't understand the scoring in July 7th, 2015's Astro-Red Sox game. At the end of the 6th the game is tied. Then in the 7th Houston scores two. Then... (more)

Ball Hitting the Pitcher's Rubber and Going Foul

Tom Cox from Toms River, NJ asks:

A ball is hit, hits the pitchers rubber, and goes foul without going past 1st or 3rd base, or anyone touching it. Is the ball fair or foul?

Foul Ball Hitting a Runner

Steve from Iowa asks:

A batter hits the ball off the end of the bat and it bounces in fair territory half way between 3rd and home and is spinning foul. Prior to it landing in foul territ... (more)

Catching the Ball Without a Glove

Kyle from Tennessee asks:

Is a player's glove required to be on to catch a ball? If a player's glove comes off, but they catch the ball successfully, will it still stand as if they had th... (more)

Outfielder Forgetting the Number of Outs

Richard from Erie, PA asks:

There is a runner on 1st base with one out when a fly ball is hit to right field. After the catch, the right fielder tosses the ball into the stands thinking t... (more)

Juggling a Fly Ball to Prevent a Runner From Tagging Up?

Alex from Fremont asks:

There is a runner on third with less than two outs. The batter hits a deep fly ball and, instead of catching the ball cleanly, which would allow the runner to tag ... (more)

Winning With a Rain Out in the Middle of the 5th

Howie from Oak Forest, IL asks:

If the score is tied after 4 1/2 innings and then the home team scores in the bottom of the 5th but they get rained out before the 5th inning is finished d... (more)

Tagging a Runner's Hair

Richard from Canada asks:

What happens when a player has extremely long hair (e.g. dreadlocks) and is a base runner? Does a tag on the hair constitute an out? And could long hair render a... (more)

Running Backwards to Avoid the Tag

Bill Aslin from Crowley, TX asks:

Runner on first with one out. The batter hits a ground ball to the 2nd baseman and the runner on 1st runs toward 2nd, but seeing that the 2nd baseman is ... (more)

Injured After a Catch in the Stands

Larry from Pennsylvania asks:

If a player catches a foul ball and then falls into the stands but is injured and unable to throw as the runner tags up, is there a limit to how many bases t... (more)

Going From Foul to Fair Territory

Dee from Connecticut asks:

The ball hits the ground in foul territory, bounces, hits first base, and continues in fair territory. Is that a foul or fair ball?

Assuming that t... (more)

Bouncing Over the Bag and Going Foul

David Keller from Bloomfield, NJ asks:

A right handed batter hits a sharp ground ball angling towards third base. The ball takes 3 hops in fair territory and, after third hop, sails over ... (more)

Tag Up on an Infield Fly?

Coach John from North West Florida asks:

In a infield fly situation, if the ball is not caught on the fly and the runners were not in contact with their bases when the ball hit the ground... (more)

Dropped When Exchanging Balls

Smitty from Lexington asks:

Runner on second, pitcher throws the ball in the dirt, catcher catches it, reaches back to the ump for new unscuffed ball and the catcher drops the ball behind... (more)

Ignoring the Ball on a Walk Off

David from California asks:

Bottom of 9th, score tied, man on third. Batter grounds the ball through the infield. As runner heads towards home, outfielders realize game is over and ignore... (more)

Touching a Foul Ball in Fair Territory

Mitch from Pennsylvania asks:

If a player has his feet in fair territory and a line drive touches his glove in foul territory, what is the call?

A fair or foul call depends o... (more)

Partially Out of the Batters Box

Ray Waite from connecticut asks:

If the batter attempts to bunt and has one foot in the box and the other foot partly in the box but touching home plate, is the batter out?

... (more)

Force Removed on the Tag

Brian from Yukon asks:

The bases are loaded and the batter hits a grounder to first and gets tagged out. Is there still a force at home?

As soon as the batter-runner is... (more)

Error on a Foul Ball

David Denitz from California asks:

Can a fielder make an error when the ball is in foul territory?

Yes, a fielder can make an error on a foul ball. If a fielder misplays a fo... (more)

Tagging Up From First

Barry from Pennsylvania asks:

Can a runner on first tag up and advance on a fly ball to outfield?

Yes, any runner, no matter what base he is on, can tag up on a caught fly ba... (more)

Umpires Interference With the Infield In

Jim from Massachusetts asks:

What is the appropriate call and placement, if any, of the runners if the ball hits the umpire in position C (in the middle of the infield) with the middle in... (more)

Doubled Off On a Foul Ball

Fan from Canada asks:

Can runners be doubled off on a caught foul ball as they are on a fair ball?

Yes, a caught foul ball is treated the same way as a caught fair ball so, i... (more)

Overrunning First Base

John from New York asks:

If a batter receives a base on balls, and runs hard to 1st base, and either makes a turn towards 2nd base, over runs the base, or, after touching 1st base, his mo... (more)

Pitch Stuck in Catchers Gear

DJ from Illinois asks:

A pitch is low and bounces from the dirt and lodges in the catcher's chest guard. What is the ruling?

If a pitch gets lodged into the catcher's, or ump... (more)

Base Coach Questioning an Umpire

Lee from Burlington, NC asks:

Can an assistant base coach question an umpires call in a respectful manner?

The MLB rule book says that only a manager can ask for an appeal o... (more)

Pinch Hitter for an Injured Batter

Brenda Spencer from Lincoln, CA asks:

If a batter fouls a ball that hits him and causes an injury that prevents him continuing the at bat, what happens?

If this happens then... (more)

Batted Ball Hits the Umpire

RO from Wisconsin asks:

A batted ball hits the umpire in fair territory, what is the ruling?

The rule regarding when umpire interference is called is very similar to when a r... (more)

Jumping Over The Catcher

Bill Sanjurjo from Miami, FL asks:

Can a runner jump over to avoid the tag at home? No contact with the catcher made

Yes, in the Major Leagues the runner can jump over the ca... (more)

Line Drive Interference

Theresa from NC asks:

With two outs and a runner on second, the batter hits a line drive between 2nd and 3rd and the runner gets hit with the line drive. Who is out?

Assumin... (more)

Home Run Bouncing on the Fence

Jim from Charlotte asks:

A batted ball hits the fence and goes over the wall. Is it a home run or a ground rule double?

As long as the ball did not touch the ground at any p... (more)

How Long is a Mound Visit?

David Los from Pennsylvania asks:

How long does the catcher or coach have until the umpire starts out to the mound during a mound visit?

This is solely up to the home plate u... (more)

Score After a Walk Off Grand Slam

Ron from Oklahoma asks:

Score is tied 1 to 1 after 8 1/2 innings. Home team loads the bases and the batter hits home run. What's the final score?

The final score of this game... (more)

Tagged Out Rounding First

HuskyLife from Ontario asks:

In Major League Baseball, if the hitter rounds first and gets tagged on his way to second is it scored as a single?

 Yes, the batter is cre... (more)

Contact With a Bounced Pitch

Gary from California asks:

Pitch hits dirt in front of home plate and the batter hits the ball off the bounce. Is this a hit, ball, or no pitch?

If the batter hits a pitch th... (more)

Home to Third Double Play

John Fitzpatrick from California asks:

Bases are loaded, less than two outs. Ball is hit to the shortstop and he throws home for the force out. The catcher then throws to third base. Is t... (more)

Going to the Mouth in High School and MLB

Dean Bettencourt from San Diego asks:

I have a question about pitchers going to their mouths in high school & pro rules. The high school rule book says that this is a "ball" award, bu... (more)

Advancing on a Deflected, Caught, Line Drive

Bob Pearson from Illinois asks:

There is a runner on third with no outs when a line drive off the pitchers head is caught in the air by the shortstop. Could the runner at third safely adv... (more)

Tagging Up On a Foul Ball

Joe from Owensville, MO asks:

Why do runners insist on tagging up after a foul ball? It isn't required, is it?

Even though the ball is dead if it falls into foul territory wi... (more)

Line Drive Hitting a Base and Getting Caught

Dave Reynolds from Seattle WA asks:

If a line drive hits second base, pops in the air, and is caught before hitting the ground, is the batter out?

 No, the batter is not... (more)

Base Awards on a Wild Throw

Russ from Illinois asks:

When a fielder throws the baseball out of play/into dug out or stands. When does an umpire determine where runner on base was or how does he determine how many ba... (more)

Throw Back From The Catcher Hits The Batter

Dave Brown from Clearwater, FL asks:

In game 5 of the Toronto and Texas 2015 ALDS, when Shin-Shoo Choo was in the box but his hand was left on the line of the box, Russel Martin went to t... (more)

Fair or Foul If The Ball Hits the Catcher?

Jim from NY asks:

If a batter hits the ball off home plate and continues into the catchers glove without touching anything else is it a foul or fair ball?

In this situation, ... (more)

Can A Batter Switch Boxes Mid-Count?

Craig M. Reynolds from United States asks:

Can a batter switch from Lefty to Righty with a 3-0 count?

The batter can switch which side he bats from at any point in the at-bat... (more)

Batter Receiving an RBI in Result of a Balk

Bob Scott from mankato, mn asks:

does a batter get credit for a RBI when a balk is called and the runner from third scores

No, the batter does not recieve an RBI in this situ... (more)

Removing the Force at Second

Benjamin Z. from Illinois asks:

Situation: Runner on first less than 2 outs. Hard grounder to the first baseman and he touches first throws to second. Can the runner choose to go back to ... (more)

Which Pitcher Gets The Win?

Jennifer from Georgia asks:

When more than 1 pitcher pitches in a single game, which one gets the credit for the win or loss?

There are many things that goes into determining... (more)

Tagging Up On A Line Drive

BR from Philly asks:

1 out, runner on 2nd only. Line drive hit to shortstop, runner on 2nd runs on contact.....SS then throws to 2nd base as runner is going back to 2nd. Does this runner ... (more)

3 Ball Walk

Tyrone from Mountville asks:

A batter takes first even though he only has 3 balls. The next batter gets in the box the pitcher is on the rubber. The coach calls time and questions whether... (more)

Ball Off the Bat Hits Runner While Standing On the Base

Serg from El Paso ,TX asks:

runner on first, no outs, batter hits line drive towards first--the ball hits the runner while standing on the base. is he out or what is the call

... (more)

Force While Tagging on a Fly Ball?

Cameron from KY asks:

Bases loaded, pop fly to the outfield. Runner at 2nd tags up but the 3rd base runner does not. Is it now a force play or a tag out at second?

There is n... (more)

Force Out By Tagging the Bag With The Glove

Dale from Wisconsin asks:

Two outs, runners on first and second. Ground ball to third baseman which hits off his glove and rolls in foul territory. Picks up ball with bare hand and tags t... (more)

Catcher's Interference On A Late Swing

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

Does catcher interference apply if the batter swings late and reaches backwards toward the catcher and hits his glove. The catcher caught the... (more)

Stealing First

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

On a past ball the batter advanced to 1st base on a now 2-2 count. Neither teams nor the umpires notice until after the next pitch is thrown. ... (more)

Obstruction With A Play

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

In the WS game 3, Middlebrooks was called for obstruction against Craig as Craig tried to go home. Given that scenario, what if Craig decided ... (more)

On Deck Circle

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

Is it required that a batter be on deck when his team is at the bat? I ask because I saw a game (Mariners at St Louis, Sept. 13, 2013) where t... (more)

Runner Hit By Pitch While Stealing Home

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

Runner on third base stealing home. Pitcher with legal motion throws to plate. Runner is hit by pitch while crossing home plate, make the call... (more)

Force or Tag Out on a Fly Ball

Johnny L from El Segundo asks:

A runner is on third base with 1 out. A fly ball is hit to the outfield and caught. The runner tags at 3rd base as if to go home and then decides to go back... (more)

Ball Lodged in the Backstop

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

Is a player allowed to advance when the ball is stuck in the backstop

If a ball is lodged, the runners get one base from where th... (more)

Tag Forcing a Runner's Hand Off the Base

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

A runners hand is firmly on the bag and the fielder tags his hand hard enough to knock it off and holds the tag after he knocks the hand off. ... (more)

Not Stepping off on a Throw to Second

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

Can a pitcher use a pickoff move to second without stepping off the rubber for a runner stealing from first early?

Most certainly... (more)

Tagged Out on a Base

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

Bases loaded - none or one out. Ball is hit to the third baseman. the runner on third does not break for home. Can the third baseman touch the... (more)

Score of a Called Game

Tommy from Virginia asks:

On 6/2/13, why was the official score of the Redsox-Yankee game 3-0? The Redsox scored a run in the top of the 6th, but the Yankees did not get to play their hal... (more)

Confusion After A Fly Ball

Coach O from Iowa asks:

We teach to run hard through first base regardless if you are out of safe. The first base coach will tell you what to do. Here is the situation: Runners on 1st and... (more)

Hit By Pitch In The Zone

Stumper from StumpVille asks:

If a hitter jumps in front of the ball just to be hit but the ball is going right down the middle, is he considered hit by pitch? Or is it a strike, a ball, ... (more)

Continuing To Run After Called Out On Dropped Third Strike

Crissy from Delaware asks:

What happens if the base ump fails to call a batter out on 3rd strike when 1st base is occupied? The runner ran for 1st, the catcher overthrew 1st base and the ... (more)

Earned Runs After an Error Costing the Third Out

Gene from Pennsylvania asks:

Two outs and a fielder makes an error on the 3rd out. The next batter hits a home run. Are any of the runs earned runs?

No, none of the runs are... (more)

Catchers Interference on a Foul Tip

Beth Davis from Davenport Iowa asks:

When the batter swings the bat hits catchers mitt and foul tips does he get the base?

Yes. During any at bat in which the catcher interfe... (more)

Hitting A Bouncing Ball

Nanci Ashback from Wilmington,Delaware asks:

When a pitcher throws the ball and it hits the plate and bounces up and the batter hits it, isn't that considered a dead ball?

No... (more)

Credit For One Runner While the Other is Thrown Out on a Double Steal

RickPenprase from Moorpark,CA asks:

On a double steal the second runner is thrown out. What does the first runner get?

In this situation, the first runner does not get a stol... (more)

Substituting For Pinch Hitters or Runners

Ray from Mississippi asks:

Does a pinch hitter and pinch runner have to play in the next inning?

No, he does not have to play in the next inning. The pinch hitter or runner c... (more)

Strike Three, Caught Stealing, Double Play

Duane Jones from Michigan asks:

Is a strike em out throw em out considered a double play?

Yes, it is considered a double play. This is because a double play is a play in whic... (more)

Can a Runner Always Tag Up?

Dave Nielsen from Denver, CO asks:

If a long foul ball is caught by an outfielder, can base runners still tag up and advance? If so, a fielder might choose to intentionally not catch the ... (more)

Little League Runner Advancing on a Wild Pitch

Mark Goodfellow from Michigan asks:

How many bases can you steal on a wild pitch when playing little league rules?

There is no maximum amount of bases you can steal on a wild... (more)

Batter Returning To First In Fair Territory

BJ De Lorenzo from Liverpool, England asks:

Batter-runner safe at first and is walking back to the base in fair territory. Is this ok?

 Yes, there is no rule regarding w... (more)

First Baseman in Foul Territory at the Time of the Pitch

Bob from Colorado asks:

At first base the first baseman has one foot on the outside of the base when the pitcher is on the mound and delivers a pitch. Is this legal?

This is ... (more)

Tagging a Base or Runner Without the Ball

Jeff Duke from Smyrna, Tennessee asks:

A defensive player has the ball in his bare hand and tags the runner or touches a base with an empty glove. Safe or out; tag or no tag?


Fair or Foul in the Batter's Box

Mitchell from Cincinnati asks:

If a bunted ball is fielded before the ball leaves a batter's box, is the ball considered fair and in play?

The answer to this question depends... (more)

Fake To Third Balk

Mike the Ump from South Jersey asks:

What does the new interpretation that it is a balk if a pitcher does the third to first move really mean? If he feints to third and the runner on firs... (more)

Fly Ball Hitting The Foul Pole

Jim from Warren, MI, asks:

A fly ball hits the foul pole, is it foul?

If a ball hits the foul pole it is actually fair and, if it hits it above the wall, it is a home ru... (more)

Pine Tar Limit

Zach Montgomery asks:

How far up the barrel of a bat can you put pine tar?

The batter is allowed to put pine tar up to 18 inches up the handle from the bat's knob.

On... (more)

Tagging Up On A Bobbled Ball

Roger from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands asks:

Situation: Runner on 1st. He takes a lead. The batter hits a fly ball to the outfield. The ball hits off the fielders glove and he bobbles it... (more)

Fielder Intentionally Dropping A Fly Ball

Bill Owen from Marathon, FL asks:

I am a runner on first nobody out. Batter pops up to infield. Can I advance without fear of infielder intentionally dropping ball for force out at second... (more)

Runner Hindering A Fielder Getting A Batted Ball While On Base

John Ross from Shippensburg, PA asks:

High School baseball game in PA. One out with runners on 2nd and 3rd. Batter hits a popup to 3rd. Base runner on 3rd sees the ball is coming down nea... (more)

The Hidden Ball Trick

Shane Davis from Winter Haven, FL asks:

Can a pitcher go to mound without the ball as long as he doesn't step on the pitching rubber? The 1st baseman would be holding the ball to try to t... (more)

Umpire Signaling Without Any Play Being Made On The Runner

Rich Wisner from Central Illinois asks:

The batter bunts a pitch so the second baseman covers first, but falls across 1st base while missing the throw. Runner leaps over outstretched 2nd ... (more)

Bunted Ball Making Contact With The Bat Twice

Kevin Porter from Pennsylvania asks:

What is the ruling when a batter bunts the ball that is then contacted by the bat in fair territory?

The ruling on this situation varies ... (more)

Calling A Ball Foul And Then Fair

Armond Yusi from Port Chester, NY asks:

Can the ump call the ball foul and then three seconds later call it fair?

There is no rule stating that an umpire cannot change his ca... (more)

Base Awards From A Fly Ball Thrown Out Of Play

Bob asks:

The runner on 1st leads off and the batter bunts the ball. The pitcher catches it in the air and throws to 1st but the ball goes out of play. At the time of the throw the runner... (more)

Changing Pitchers In The Middle Of an At Bat

Kat Steckler from Kansas asks:

Can the manager change pitchers in the middle of an at bat?

Yes. A manager can change pitchers in the middle of an at bat as long as the previo... (more)

Sliding Head First In High School

Carl Sharpe from New Jersey asks:

Can you slide head first into a base while stealing in high school baseball?

Yes. There is no rule in high school baseball that says you can... (more)

Appealing After A Mound Visit

Dwight Robinson from Arizona asks:

Runner misses third base and scores. Opposing coach calls time and goes to the mound. While on the mound one of his players tells the coach the runner m... (more)

Advancing A Strike Three Passed Ball

Bob Fontaine from Silver Spring, MD asks:

If the catcher misses a pitched ball on strike three and there are runners on second or third, is/are the runner(s) allowed to advance? If not, c... (more)

Designated Hitter Playing In The Field

Walter Middleton from Texas asks:

What happens if the DH is made to play in the field during a game?

According to the major league rule book, if a designated hitter plays in ... (more)

Dead Ball on an Appealed Third Strike?

Paul from Bellingham asks:

Does an appealed 3rd strike constitute a dead ball?

No, the ball stays live on all strike appeals unless the ball hit the batter and he swung at it... (more)

Pitching With A Bandage

Steve Carreiro from Dartmouth, MA asks:

I don't think a pitcher can wear a band aid on his throwing hand but cannot find it in the rule book. Is it a rule?

There is no rule i... (more)

Umpires Leaving The Field

Charles Mangan asks:

When the umpires leave the field of play at what they consider to be a complete game is the game over? Can the umpires return and resume the game?

The um... (more)

Scoring When Leaving Early

Don Schramm from Auburn, NY asks:

In Little League, the bases are loaded with no outs and the runner on third leaves early but the batter gets a base hit. What is the ruling?


Ground Rule Double Off A Base

Lance Salmi from Saugerties, NY asks:

There are runners on second and third when a batted ball hits third base and goes out of play. Where do runners and batter end up?

This ... (more)

Line Drive Over The Bag

Tommy Charles from Lake Tahoe, CA asks:

If a line drive goes over 1st or 3rd base and lands foul after going over the bag, is it a fair or foul ball?

This ball is foul becaus... (more)

Scoring Before Retiring Third Out On Past Third Strike

Bernie from Canada asks:

Two out and a runner on third. The batter strikes out but the catcher allows passed ball and the runner scores from third before batter is thrown out at first bas... (more)

Walk Off Ground Rule Double For A Single

Don Malen from Avon, CT asks:

Bottom of the 9th with the game tied 0 to 0 and runners on 2nd and 3rd the batter hits a ground rule double. Does he get credit for a single or double and w... (more)

Umpiring From Behind The Pitcher

M.V. Basye from Virginia asks:

Has the baseball umpire ever stood behind the pitcher

Although it is unclear as to when they did and when they stopped, the umpire used umpire ... (more)

Pitcher Warming Up In The Bullpen In Between Innings

Kellen Gillooley from California asks:

If a pitcher is brought into a game cold,(i.e. the starter suddenly gives up several hits or can't hit the strike zone, NOT due to an injury or ejec... (more)

Pitcher Loses Hat During The Delivery

George Haskett from Richmond, IN asks:

The pitcher keeps losing his hat during his delivery. Is there a ruling about this?

There is no rule that covers a pitcher losing... (more)

Passing Notes From The Stands

Eric from New York asks:

Can scouts pass notes to the dugout during a AAA ball game?

According to rule 3.09, "No manager, coach or playershall address any spectator before or... (more)

Out For Not Tagging Up On A Foul Ball

Chuck Weaver from Florida High School asks:

If a base runner leads off then attempts to steal but the batter fouls off the pitch, is the base runner required to retag the bag after the ba... (more)

Opposing Coach Distracting A Pitcher

William Bryant from Albuquerque, New Mexico asks:

When a picture is distracted (and stops) by the offense (base coach, bench personnel) is there penalty called against  the pitcher? IE i... (more)

Pine Tar In High School

Tyler Pierce from Oklahoma asks:

What is Oklahoma's high school rules on pine tar?

The maximum height of pine tar on a player's bat for most high school leagues is 18 inches.... (more)

Does The Batter Get A Single On A Runner's Interference

Duke Sallustio from Pompano Beach, Florida asks:

On the third out the runner on base gets hit by the batters ground ball. Does the batter who is running to first get credit for a single?<... (more)

Height Requirement In Major League Baseball

Shortround asks:

Is there a minimum height requirement to play minor league or major league baseball? I recently heard there was at one time... is it still in effect?

No, the... (more)

Triple Play On A Line Drive

Peter Beratta from Syracuse, NY asks:

Runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs. A line drive is hit to the 1st basemen who catches it in the air, steps on 1st to force that runner out, and the... (more)

Catcher Blocking The Plate In Little League Without The Ball

Sam from New York asks:

In a Little League game with runners on 1st and 2nd and no outs, the batter hits a single up the middle and the runner on 2nd rounds 3rd on his way home. The throw... (more)

Getting Off The Base And Out Of The Way On A Popup

Cabby from Plymouth, MA asks:

Runner on 1st base and there is a pop fly hit in foul territory next to 1st base, does the runner have to get out of the way for the fielder trying to catch... (more)

Runner Hit By A Thrown Ball

Dan Allaria from Illinois asks:

When is a base runner out because he was hit by a thrown ball?

A base runner is out because he was hit by a thrown ball only when he intention... (more)

Little League Pitcher's Pivot Foot

Rodd from Maine asks:

What is the Little League rule concerning the pitcher's foot remaining in contact with the pitching rubber during delivery?

Any time a pitcher makes a p... (more)

Ball Deflected Off The Catcher And Hitting The Batter

Mike Kelly from Swansea, MA asks:

A pitched ball is in the dirt, blocked by the catcher's shinguard and is knocked up and hits the batters bat while he is in the batters box and then is d... (more)

Dropping The Ball On The Transition

Sam M from Arlington, WA asks:

On a force to second, the shortstop covers second and they throw him the ball. In one continuous motion the SS gets the ball and bobbles it during his trans... (more)

Stealing On A Foul Tip

Herb Hansen from Gurnee, IL asks:

Why is a runner leading off a base allowed to steal a base on a foul tip into the catcher's glove without first going back to the base like he would have... (more)

Lights Going Out In A Babe Ruth League Game

C Pappis from California asks:

Lights go out at a night game, Babe Ruth League, bottom 6, home team leads 4-1. Lead at end of 5 3-1. What happens?

A game in Babe Ruth is regu... (more)

Failing To Tag Up On A Sacrafice Fly And Causing The Third Out

Mark from Cole Harbour asks:

Runners on first and third with one out. Pop fly to right field which is caught for the 2nd out. The runner on first gets thrown out going back to first for t... (more)

Stopping Before Throwing To A Base

Jerry Maset from Johnstown, PA asks:

Is there any time a pitcher must pause before throwing to a base? Balk called on left handed pitcher for not pausing before throwing to first.more)

Run Scoring Before The Batter Is Tagged Out

Scott from Michigan asks:

Runner on third touches home before batter is tagged out by first baseman does the run count?

Assuming that the batter has not yet touched first bas... (more)

Sacrafic Fly On A Batter's Average

Larry from Texas asks:

Does a sacrifice fly count on the batter's average?

No, this does not count against a batter's batting average. Since no sacrifices, bunts or flys, cou... (more)

Run Scoring on Dropped Third Strike?

Robert Dexter from Tupelo, MS asks:

Bases loaded with 2 outs. Batter strikes out and catcher misses 3rd strike. The runner on 3rd crosses the plate before the batter is throw out at first... (more)

Deflecting A Ball Fair

Jim from Salisbury, PA asks:

If a pop fly goes foul of 1st base and the first baseman tries to catch it but it bounces out of his glove and lands fair is it still foul?

Yes. ... (more)

Ball Passing An Infielder And Then Hitting A Runner

Mark from Glenview, IL asks:

In a Little League game the ball has passed the second baseman and then hits the runner going from first to second. Is the runner safe because the ball has pa... (more)

Kicking The Ball

Judy Morse from Billings, MT asks:

A ball is hit to the second baseman, he bobbles it, and the runner from first is running to second base and kicks the ball, what is the call?

... (more)

Deflecting A Ball Foul

Murray from Collingwood, Ontario asks:

If the batter pops the ball straight up to the catcher and the catchers feet are in fair play and the catcher hits the ball foul is it foul or fair?... (more)

Blowing A Ball Foul

Crystal from Pittsburgh, PA asks:

If a ball is hit fair can the pitcher blow the ball foul?

Even though there is no written rule against a pitcher doing this, most umpires ar... (more)

Dropped Infield Fly

Brad Gettle from Regina, SK asks:

Infield fly rule with the bases loaded. The ball falls in and the runner on second advances to third and touches third base. Can he retreat to second if... (more)

Swinging On A Hit By Pitch

Nick from Michigan asks:

There is a 1-2 count on the batter and he swings on the 3rd strike but the ball hits the batter. Would that be a foul ball or just a 3rd strike?

In a... (more)

Stopping Mid-Windup

Lawrence Siedenburg from Las Vegas, NV asks:

If a pitcher is in his wind-up and ready to pitch the but stops before the pitch with no runners on base is it called a ball?

No.... (more)

When Does A Run Score On A Third Out

Ed Schiffer from Atlanta, GA asks:

When does a run count when runner scores on last out of inning?

This question would best be answered by when a run is not scored w... (more)

Bounces Infront Of Third

John asks:

If a ball hits in front if 3rd base and bounces foul is it foul or fair?

As long as this ball did not hit the base or bounce over the base after hitting infront o... (more)

Hit Off Home

Jamie from Georgia asks:

If a ball is hit and it bounces off of home plate is it fair or foul?

Home plate is in fair territory but it does not matter if the batter hits the b... (more)

Composite Bats

Larry from North Carolina asks:

Can a bat with a composite handle and an alloy barrel be used?

The best thing to use to answer this question would be the more)

Dropped Third Strike Rule Change

Wes McAmis from Springfield, MO asks:

On rule 6.09(b), when did the rule change for the batter-runner on a dropped third strike being out if he left the batters circle without attempting ... (more)

Walk off Home run Touch Requirements

Lynda Waller from Ontario, Canada asks:

We had a situation where we, being the home team, were down by 5 runs at the bottom of the 7th inning. To keep it simple, we scored 3 runs and then... (more)

Wild Throw On An Appeal

Brett from Oswego, IL asks:

There is a runner on second. The play before, the runner on 3rd left early on a sacrifice fly. Hence, there is an appeal throw to 3rd, but it goes into left. T... (more)

Tie Goes To The Runner?

Mike from California asks:

If a runner touches the bag at the same time the ball is caught on a force, is the runner safe?

This question displays the same scenerio as the inc... (more)

Runner Being Knocked Down Because Of A Tag

Tim from USA asks:

Our left handed batter hit a slow ground ball down the line. The pitcher fields the ball, and, while going to tag the runner, the pitcher knocks him over and injures th... (more)

Holding The Ball On A Grounder

Gene Cragg from Lorton, VA asks:

With no base runners on base, the batter grounds an easily fielded one hop grounder to the 2nd baseman, who fields the ball cleanly but does not throw the... (more)

Hitting The Ball Out Of The Batter's Box

Jim Phelps from Pendleton, OR asks:

In little league what does the hitter have to do to "step out of the box" when hitting a pitch? Does his foot have to be completely out of the lines?more)

Run Taken Away By Appeal

Dave Deatherage from Lenexa, KS asks:

With a runner on 3rd base and 2 outs the batter hits a triple and the runner scores. On appeal the batter is found to be out because he failed to tou... (more)

What Happens To The Batter On Interference?

Elton Jones from St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies asks:

With bases loaded the ball is lined to short and strikes runner off second. I know the runner is out what is the rule on the batter?<... (more)

Who's Out?

John Malone from Hawkins, TX asks:

Runners are were on 1st and 2nd when the shortstop juggles a line drive and drops it. He steps on second then tags the runner. The umpire calls both out... (more)

Picked Off On A Dropped Third Strike

Woody Reed from Pocatello, ID asks:

With a runner on first the batter is called out on a third strike that the catcher drops. The runner is encouraged to run to first thinking he's free t... (more)

Juggled Line Drive

John Malone from Hawkins, TX asks:

With runners on 2nd and 3rd and no outs, a line drive is hit up the middle. The shortstop juggles and drops the ball. He then steps on second, then touc... (more)

Turning Left While Over Running First

Robin Hood from Prince Edward Island, Canada asks:

When running over 1st base, can you get tagged out if you turn left but not make an attempt to run to second?

As long as th... (more)

Ball Getting Lodged Under Base

David from Charlotte, NC asks:

A ball lodges under 1st base when the first baseman is attempting to receive throw from pitcher. Whats the call?

 This situation should ne... (more)

The Founders Of The Major League Umpire's Association

Chester Simerly from St. Louis, MO asks:

Who were the founding fathers of the Major League Baseball Umpire Association?

The Major League Baseball Umpire's Association was fi... (more)

Leaving A Base Early In Little League

Dave Mangin from Fortuna, CA asks:

In little league, if a runner leaves the base early, are the umpires supposed to have a flag to drop to signal that runner left to soon?

Ye... (more)

Running Down The Line With The Pitch

Dan Courtney from Baltimore, MD asks:

With bases loaded and two outs and a count of 3 and 2 on the batter, does the runner from third have to stay in the baseline when running towards the... (more)

Throwing A Glove At A Live Ball

Dave Mangin from Fortuna, CA asks:

What is the call if a fielder removes his glove and throws it at a batted ball and makes contact with the live ball?

If a fielder throws hi... (more)

Hit By a Pitch On The Bounce

Robin Hood from Prince Edward Island, Canada asks:

When the pitcher throws a ball in the dirt and it bounces and hits the batter does he still get the base?

Yes! The ball is ... (more)

Tagging The Third Out In The Basepath

Dondie Ergonis from Dearborn, MI asks:

With bases loaded and two outs a ground ball is hit to the pitcher who then tags the runner going from second to third. Does the runner on third sco... (more)

Umpire Colliding With a Player

Gene Gueniot asks:

With a runner on third a batted ball is hit to the shortstop toward second base. The base umpire and shortstop collide causing batter to be safe at first. What is rulin... (more)

Throwing The Bat

Trey Lamb from Melbourne, AR asks:

Babe ruth baseball league inc. sanctioned game. A player swings and the bat is slung behind the umpire and catcher, ground ball to second, batter out 4-... (more)

What Size Barrel?

Eric from San Antonio, TX asks:

My son is about to start coach pitch baseball for ages 7-8. What is the lagest barrel bat that he can use?

The best way to get an absolute ans... (more)

Running Over The First Baseman

Diane Kluesner from Washington, MO asks:

My grandsons both play baseball, one is 7 years old and the other is 14 years old. My question is, lately the first baseman on the opposing team i... (more)

Visits To The Mound

Frank from California asks:

When there is a conference on the mound, is there a rule about how long they can take or is it up to the umpire to give them whatever time he feels he wants to... (more)

Bounced Third Strike

Steven Baird from Sterling Heights, MI asks:

A batter swings and misses on the third strike. The pitch hits the ground and the catcher catches the ball on the bounce. The runner can not a... (more)

Blocking A Base

Rufus from Indiana asks:

While sliding into 3rd base, the baseman's foot is blocking the base. The runner slides and is called out because 3rd baseman's foot is between base and base runn... (more)

Forgetting The Count

Eugene from Alabama asks:

An umpire lost track of the count and gave the batter an extra strike. The umpire realized the error and gave the next batter 1 strike to start the next at bat. ... (more)

Not Avoiding A Hit By Pitch

Angie from Oregon High School asks:

When a batter gets hit by a pitch, does he have to attempt to avoid the pitch or does he still get a base if he doesn't avoid it?

 If... (more)

Necklaces and Mouths

William Fabian from Berlin, CT asks:

Did the commissioner tell all of the players not to wear necklaces? Since when have the pitchers been allowed to go to their mouths while on the mound... (more)

Throwing To The Third Baseman While On The Rubber

Paul Cohen from Los Angeles, CA asks:

With a runner at third and a right handed pitcher the third baseman is very far back from 3rd base. The pitcher throws (without stepping off the rubb... (more)

Picking Off To First

James Shaw from Saratoga Springs, NY asks:

Does the pitcher have to step off the rubber before throwing to first on a pick off move?

 No although the pitcher needs to st... (more)

How Many Outs?

Paul Kinnes from Denver, CO asks:

With a man on 3rd the umpire believes that there are 2 outs in the inning.  The batter misses 3rd strike and the catcher does not catch the ball. Th... (more)

Receiving Signs From The Dugout

Richard Cannette from Pascagoula, MS asks:

Can the pitcher receive the pitching signals from the dugout without going through the catcher?

 There is quite a bit of contr... (more)

Intentional Walk

Scott from Chicago, IL asks:

A batter gets intentionally walked where the pitcher didn't have to throw a pitch. While the batter is on his way to first, the runner on second had his foot off... (more)

Are The Hands Part Of The Bat?

Danny Larson from Salt Lake City, UT asks:

A batter is hit in the hands while holding the bat in the batter box. Is the hands part of the bat and is this pitch called a foul ball?more)

Running On A Line Drive

Kin asks:

A line drive is hit to third with runners on 2nd and 3rd. The third baseman catches the line drive and the runner on third runs down base line. Do you have to tag the runner or ... (more)

Foul Tip Steal

Rod from Wisconsin asks:

With one out a hit and run is on but the batter foul tips into the catchers glove. Can the runner steal second base?

Yes, the runner can steal second... (more)

Warming Up The Ball

Nicole from Tacoma, WA asks:

While between innings, if someone goes up to the mound to warm the ball up for the pitcher, does that mean the person who had touched the ball HAS to pitch? A... (more)

Reversing A Call

John Wilson from Nappanee, IN asks:

Can a umpire reverse their own call after they make the call?

Yes. There is no rule against an umpire reversing his call and he should if ... (more)

Taking a Bat Out Of The Game

Robbie Northcutt from Estill Springs, TN asks:

Can an ump take a bat out of a game that he says has a crack without showing the coach of the team the crack?

There is no rule ... (more)

Tag Without The Ball

Richard Adams from Nebraska asks:

In baseball can you tag out a guy without the ball being in the mitt?

When a fielder tags a runnner he must tag him with t... (more)

Ball Off The Rubber

Brian McMartin from Sartell, MN asks:

Batter hits a line drive up the middle which strikes the pitching rubber and shoot into foul territory BEFORE 1st base. No player has touched the bal... (more)

Subing for an Injured Player

William Bennett from Michigan asks:

A substitution is made for three players. After one inning our pitcher is hurt and unable to play. Since the subs have already been made they can only ... (more)

Runner's Interference

Karen from Indianapolis asks:

A player has just swung his bat, hit the ball and it is in the air between first and second base. Is the player that is running to second base out if the bal... (more)

Fair or Foul Line Drive?

Ross from Tucson, AZ asks:

If a line drive is caught while the ball is in foul territory and the players is standing in fair territory is the ball fair or foul?

The fact if a... (more)

Diving Out

Bob Hennings from Iowa asks:

The batter hits a ground ball to the first baseman. The first baseman bobbles the ball and goes to his knees to get the ball. He dives to first base and touch... (more)

Hey Blue!

Ed asks:

Why do they call umpires "blue"?

Umpires are called blue because of their traditional powder blue uniforms. However, nowadays umpire uniforms come from every color f... (more)

Pitcher Getting A Win

Jeff from Illinois asks:

How many innings must a pitcher pitch in order to earn a win or loss and not be a no decision. Example: a pitcher pitches five innings and leaves the game ahead 7... (more)

Pitching With Sunglasses

Larry Spurr from Cedar Lake, IN asks:

Is there a MLB rules that states the pitcher can not wear sunglasses on the mound unless they are prescription sunglasses?

There is no r... (more)

Retouching on an Overthrow

Al from Buffalo, NY asks:

Runner on 1st when the ball is hit to center. The fielder makes the catch with the runner on 1st 1/2 way to 2nd and the fielder throws to 1st but throws ball out... (more)

Batter Runner Interference?

Paul Cohen from Los Angeles, CA asks:

With a runner at first (R1) a fly ball is hit to right field. The batter runs up the line and tags and rounds first base without over-running R1.The ... (more)

Bases Awarded From the Outfield

Darrell jones from Nicholasville, KY asks:

Do you get two bases on an overthrow from the outfield?

Yes. On a wild throw from any fielder the runner recieves two bases from th... (more)

Strikeout Balk?

Rich Golden from Connecticut asks:

When a balk is called and the pitch is still delivered I understand that the ball is live until the catcher is in possession of the ball. If the balked ... (more)

Bat Size

Bryar from La Junta, CO asks:

What size (width, length, and weight) should a 12 year old kid be using in the Babe Ruth League, he is 5 ft. 5 inches about 90 pounds.

This is ... (more)

A Coaching Umpire

STACEY from Pennsylvania asks:

Can a regular season umpire coach or assistant coach all-stars?

I see no reason why an umpire can't coach an all-star team as long as he isn't ... (more)

Hook Slides

Richard T Elmer from Port Angeles, WA asks:

On a hook slide does the player have to stay in the boundary lines on third base.

When a runner slides into a base in attempt to... (more)

Scoring Without Tagging Up

Jay from San Carlos, CA asks:

With 1 out and the bases loaded a fly ball is hit to center field. The runners advance at the time of contact so the runner at 3rd scores and the runner at 2... (more)

Head First Slides in Little League

Max Kowalski from Pennsylvania asks:

Why can't we slide head first in Little League?

The reason why head first sliding in some Little Leagues is against the... (more)

Head First at the Plate in High School

Mandy asks:

Playing with OHSAA rules are you allowed to slide head first into home plate or if you do is it an out?

I am not sure if it is against the rules but I can find no... (more)

Picking Off Away From the Base

Ballpark Bob from Philly asks:

Pitcher steps back off the rubber to attempt to pick off the runner at second.  The second baseman or shortstop, however, are not covering so he throws... (more)

Sliding In High School

Gary Groom from Michigan asks:

If there is a close play at the plate in high school baseball is the runner required to slide?

 Yes. In high school the runner is required... (more)

Restarting from Scratch

Dave Mangin from Fortuna, CA asks:

A batter asks for timeout but it is not granted by the umpire. He steps out of batters box and, in result, the pitcher stops his delivery. Is this a bal... (more)

New Ball

Ray Tabacchi from Nashville, IL asks:

The umpire throws a ball out of the game when a pitcher throws it in the dirt. Why don't they throw the ball out after a ground ball base hit.<... (more)

Dead Before the Plate?

Jim from Michigan asks:

A pitch is in the dirt and the batter offers but holds up his swing. It is a called strike but the batter says it was a dead ball before it got to plate. What's th... (more)

Playing With Eight

Mike Komorowski from Pennsylvania asks:

Where in the rule book does it say that when you finish a game with 8 players that you have to take an out for that missing player?

Th... (more)

Switching Jerseys

Billie from Whiteriver, AZ asks:

A coach takes a jersey off of one of his players and has another player put it on and pitch the remainder of the game under the original jersey number and... (more)

Confusion At First

Jeff Lester asks:

With 2 outs and runners on 1st and third the batter runs through first and is called safe; however, thinks he is out and returns towards dugout but the runners on first ... (more)

Staying on Second

Dwight Turnipseed from Trussville, AL asks:

You have runners on 1st and 2nd with less than 2 outs. A ball is hit to the 2nd baseman and he tags 2nd base. Does the runner on second have to... (more)

Fan on the Field

Henry from San Carlos, CA asks:

Are there any circumstances in which a fan can be on the field during play and not be charged with spectator's interference, excluding falling onto it?more)

Foul at the Pitch

Dave Mangin from Fortuna, CA asks:

What are the rules if first baseman has one foot entirely in foul terratory while holding a runner on first base?

All fielders must be comp... (more)

Umpire Interference

Tom from Chicago asks:

Is there a such call as umpire interference?

Yes. The first type of umpires interference occurs when a batted ball hits the umpire without first going... (more)

Injured Ump

Kellen from San Carlos, CA asks:

Besides an injury, for what reasons can an umpire be removed from a game?

The only reason an umpire should be removed from the game is becaus... (more)

Out or Run?

Dary Adway from Los Angeles, CA asks:

When the ball is hit over the wall, and the outfielder catches the ball and falls over the wall with the ball is it a out or a home run?



Fred from Soquel, CA asks:

Do umpires work as a team through out the entire baseball season or are they rotated?

Major League umpires stay with the same crew throughout the y... (more)

Switch Hitting

Terry from La Porte, IN asks:

How many times may a switch hitter change sides of the plate during his time at bat?

Once a batter takes his position with both feet in the batt... (more)

Finishing With 8

Scott from Vermont asks:

Can you finish a game with 8 players in American legion baseball ?

In Major League Baseball if a team is not able to or refuses to place nin... (more)

Switching Positions

Melanie from Johnstown, PA asks:

When a team is on defense may you switch a players position during the inning?

A player may play anywhere he wants on the field as long as he... (more)

Facing the Crowd

Jeanne Messier from Massachusetts asks:

Why does the umpire face the fans when cleaning off home plate?

There is no rule requiring the umpire to face the crowd when cleaning ... (more)

Hitting Your Own Teammate

Mareia from Iron River, MI asks:

When a batter hits the ball and the ball hits his teammate what happens to the batter?

Assuming that the ball didn't hit the runner after th... (more)

Coach's Interference

Hank Fenbert from Federal Way, WA asks:

What rules apply if a base coach interferes(intentionally/unintentionally) with a thrown ball, batted ball or a defensive player?

The ... (more)

Infield Fly

Doug asks:

What does the Infield Fly rule mean?

The Infield Fly rule takes into effect when there are runners at first and second or first, second and third with less th... (more)

Fielder's Positions During an Intentional Walk

Marcus Ranaldi from Bristol, CT asks:

Can a team move a player behind the catcher during an intentional walk?

No, a fielder can not be behind the catcher during an intention... (more)

Occupying a Base

John from Indiana asks:

Runners on second and third base with two outs. Ground ball hit to second base and batter beats the throw to first. Runner on third takes two steps towards home a... (more)

Pitcher Removing and Replacing the Ball in His Glove

Tom Baxter from Penfield, NY asks:

Once the pitcher takes the ball from his glove during his/her wind up, can he/she return the ball to the glove prior to delivering the pitch?

... (more)

Arguing With the Umpire

Rosa from Staten Island, NJ asks:

If a team goes against an umpire, could the umpire suspend the game and what will happen to the game if the umpire stops it?

If a team attac... (more)

Coaching Two Teams

Ed Lee from Rhode Island asks:

Can a coach coach Junior Little League and also coach a Majors all-star team?

The best way to find this answer would be to contact your local ... (more)

Outside the Box

Eugene from New York asks:

Will an umpire call a ball or strike if the batter has 1 foot outside of the batters box

The answer to this question really depends on the league t... (more)


Sam Di Benedetto from New Jersey asks:

Only one field umpire. Batter hits a grounder to short. The throw to first cannot be seen by the umpire. His vision is blocked. It's a very close pl... (more)

Out of Play

Mike Kresovich from Centre County, PA asks:

Can a Defensive Player, step out of play, then establish himself back in play and make a catch?

Yes. There is no rule prohibiting... (more)

Pinch Hitting

Dave from PNC Park asks:

If you pinch hit for someone, does the player you pinch hit for have to come out of the game?

Yes. Once a player is removed for any reason from the g... (more)

Picked Off

RJ from Casper asks:

Runners are on first and third. One out. Runner at first attempts to steal second. Pitcher pivots and throws to second and gets the runner out. The coach for the team... (more)

From Mound to Plate

Harriett Gemmell from Orchard Park, NY asks:

How far is it from the pitchers mound to home plate in baseball and can it vary?

In Major League Baseball the pitcher's rubber is... (more)

Which Bat?

Danny Strande from South Dakota asks:

Can you swing an -8.5 bat in vfw teeners?

I am not sure about the answer for this question and the best way to get the answer would be t... (more)

Who Loses?

Karen from Left Field asks:

Does the loss (on a walkoff or otherwise) go to the pitcher that allowed the walkoff hit or the pitcher that was responsible for the runner on base that scored... (more)

Catch in the Stands

George Tuetken from Smithfield, RI asks:

Is there a rule that specifically prohibits a fielder from jumping into the stands to make a catch, if he starts in fair territory?

&... (more)


Sophia asks:

A home run is hit over the fence. The batter, as he is rounding the bases, misses a base. Can the defensive team do anything? Would the batter be out if they took the ball, b... (more)

Fair or Foul

Little League Dad asks:

A line drive goes over first base in fair territory but lands on the foul side of the first base line. Is that ball fair or foul?

In this scenerio the... (more)