Pitching With A Bandage


Steve Carreiro from Dartmouth, MA asks:

I don't think a pitcher can wear a band aid on his throwing hand but cannot find it in the rule book. Is it a rule?

There is no rule in the major league rule book regarding a pitcher having a bandage on his pitching hand, but there seems to be a general consensus among umpires that pitchers are not allowed to wear bandages of any sort on his throwing hand while pitching.

Even though there is no major league rule addressing this situation, high school baseball rule 6-2-1g says that pitchers are not allowed to wear a bandage while pitching. However, if the pitcher does this the only penalty is that the umpire will tell the pitcher to take it off.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: Pitching, NFHS Rule 6-2-1g

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