Subing for an Injured Player


William Bennett from Michigan asks:

A substitution is made for three players. After one inning our pitcher is hurt and unable to play. Since the subs have already been made they can only re-enter for the player who subbed them out. How can you sub for the injured player? This is a 13-14 year old division boys baseball.

I am not sure what your local rules say about this situation but according to the Little League rule book a player may re-enter the line up only after his substitute has completed a time at bat and has played a minimum of six consecutive defensive outs.

However, if a team is unable to place nine players on a field due to injury or a different reason as to why a player was removed, the opposing coach has to select a player who is curently sitting out to replace him. An ejected player is not available to re-enter the game.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
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