Appealing After A Mound Visit


Dwight Robinson from Arizona asks:

Runner misses third base and scores. Opposing coach calls time and goes to the mound. While on the mound one of his players tells the coach the runner missed third base. The coach tells the pitcher, after he has gone back into the dugout, to throw the ball to the third baseman The umpire calls the runner out. Doesn't the play end when the coach calls time out and goes to the mound. Shouldn't the runner be ruled safe?

The runner is ruled out because an appeal must be made before the next attempted play and a time out is not considered a play. Because of this, the runner is out on appeal for missing third base.

The play you are possibly describing happened between Petaluma and Hawaii in the Little League World Series and can be found here.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: Runners, PBUC Umpire Manual 6.2

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