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A home run is hit over the fence. The batter, as he is rounding the bases, misses a base. Can the defensive team do anything? Would the batter be out if they took the ball, before making the next pitch and tag that base?

Yes! Assuming that the defense made a proper appeal (threw the ball to the base the runner missed before the next pitch but after the ball was made live again by the plate umpire) the runner who missed the base would be called out. If this out was the third out of the inning and there was a runner/runners  behind him then none of the runs those runners scored would count, this is assuming that the runner who missed the base was not the one who hit the home run.

As an umpire you are not permitted to display to any team that the runner may or may not have touched the base until a proper appeal is made. Also, on a homerun no runner is allowed to go and retouch a base they might have missed after touching the next base. In other words if a runner missed first and, after touching second, went back to touch first, he must be told to continue rounding the base path. This only applies for homeruns. 

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: Appeals

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