Receiving Signs From The Dugout


Richard Cannette from Pascagoula, MS asks:

Can the pitcher receive the pitching signals from the dugout without going through the catcher?

 There is quite a bit of controversy regarding the ruling to this situation. According to rule 8.01 of the rule book "Pitchers shall take signs from the catcher while in contact with the pitcher's plate." What this rule does not cover is the pitcher taking signs from anyone else while off the rubber. Thus, I assume that there is no reason why the pitcher should not be allowed to take signs from the dugout.

However, there are a few other points regarding this rule. First off, if a pitcher is taking signs from the coach in order to then quick pitch the batter this should be taken care of immediately by the umpire. Also, most coaches will want to relay the signs through his catcher so his catcher knows what pitch is coming. And thirdly, the umpire should not be focused on the signs the coach is delivering and instead focus his attention on the ball or the rest of the field to make sure everything is ready for the next pitch.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: Pitching

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