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Jeff from Illinois asks:

How many innings must a pitcher pitch in order to earn a win or loss and not be a no decision. Example: a pitcher pitches five innings and leaves the game ahead 7-3. The relief pitcher loses the lead and consequently the game. Who willthe loss be charged to, the starting pitcher or the relief pitcher?

A starting pitcher must pitch at least five innings inorder to be in line for the win. If the starting pitcher's team is leading once that pitcher is taken out after five or more innings then, if that team holds the lead then  the starting pitcher will be credited with the win. However, if his team every gives up the lead after the pitcher is removed then he will get a no decision.

In order to be charged with a loss the pitcher must be resonsable for the winning run. The fault for the loss will change if his team ties or goes ahead on the scoreboard and then a different pitcher blows that lead.

In the scenerio above the relief pitcher gets the loss because he gave up the losing run.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: Pitching

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