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George Tuetken from Smithfield, RI asks:

Is there a rule that specifically prohibits a fielder from jumping into the stands to make a catch, if he starts in fair territory?

 There is not a rule that prohibits a fielder from finishing a catch in the stands. If the fielder has one or both of his feet in or above the playing field after he legally catches the ball but before going into the stands without the ball touching the ground or any of the fans then the batter is out providing that he doesn't drop the ball after falling into the stands.

Once the fielder goes completely out of play (falls into the stands) after catching the ball the ball is dead and the runners each advance one bases from the base last occupied. After the ball has crossed the wall between the field of play and the stands, the spectators have the same rights to the ball that the fielder has. In other words, if a fielder is going for a ball in the stands but a spectator catches it when the fielder might have caught it fan interferece should not be called because the ball was in the stands.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
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