Arguing With the Umpire


Rosa from Staten Island, NJ asks:

If a team goes against an umpire, could the umpire suspend the game and what will happen to the game if the umpire stops it?

If a team attacks an umpire or all the members of a team argue with an umpire he is allowed to eject the players or coaches but cannot suspend or cancel the game. The umpire is not allowed to cancel a game for unruly players, coaches, or fans, but he can stop the game momentarily when making sure that ejected coaches, players, or fans leave the field. However, if a team has enough players ejected so as they do not have enough players to continue (they are not able to place nine fielders on the field) then the game will be forfeited in favor of the other team.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: Umpiring

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