Wild Throw On An Appeal


Brett from Oswego, IL asks:

There is a runner on second. The play before, the runner on 3rd left early on a sacrifice fly. Hence, there is an appeal throw to 3rd, but it goes into left. The runner on 2nd advances and scores (I assume no rule prevents this). Does the appeal force still stand at 3rd or does it go away when the runner on 2nd touches third? If the runner scores before the 3rd base force is made does his run count? If that runner is standing on third, does the appeal force still stand?

Once the first appeal is attempted and the ball is thrown away the ability to appeal is lost. Since an appeal must be made before the next attempted play my understanding of the rule is that once the ball is overthrown that is an attempted play so the defensive team cannot go back to appeal again.

To answer your second question, an appeal can still be made at a base even if there is a different runner standing on that base.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: Fielders

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