Intentional Walk


Scott from Chicago, IL asks:

A batter gets intentionally walked where the pitcher didn't have to throw a pitch. While the batter is on his way to first, the runner on second had his foot off the bag. The pitcher throws him out but runner wasn't on first yet. Wouldn't that be considered a dead ball?

Before answering this question I should probably explain that in some leagues a team is allowed to intentionally walk a player with out having to throw any pitches.

Now that that is answered, no, the ball is not dead after an intentional walk. Just like a normal walk, the ball is live and in play. Assuming in this scenerio that there was not a runner at first at the time of the intentional walk the runner on second would not be forced and would be liable to be picked off if off the base.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: Runners

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