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Jay from San Carlos, CA asks:

With 1 out and the bases loaded a fly ball is hit to center field. The runners advance at the time of contact so the runner at 3rd scores and the runner at 2nd is now at third. The fly ball is caught forcing the runners to tag up. The runner that was at 2nd and is now at 3rd runs back to 2nd but is tagged out to end the inning. The defense walks off the field to the dugout but the umpire says that the run still counted. The coach challenges the call but the umpire says that he can't challenge the call because his team is off the field.

Three questions:

1. Was the umpire right in saying that the scored run counted?

2. Was the umpire right to refuse the challenge on the basis that the team had left the field, even though the opposing team had not come onto the field?

3. Was refusing the challenge the umpire's prerogative? That is, he could have accepted the challenge if he had wanted to.

1. No, The umpire was not right in saying the run scored. According to the rule book a run is not scored  during a play when the third out of the inning is made by a preceding runner failing to touch, or in this case retouch, a base.

2. In order to make an appeal, it must be made before the pitcher and all the infielders have left fair terriotry so yes, he was right in refusing an appeal.

3. This is answered in number two because since the defensive team had exited the field the team lost their right to an appeal.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: Runners

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