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Trey Lamb from Melbourne, AR asks:

Babe ruth baseball league inc. sanctioned game. A player swings and the bat is slung behind the umpire and catcher, ground ball to second, batter out 4-3. The umpire warns batter he will be called out next time he slings bat. In the top of 7th, the same batter hits gapper and ends up with triple but the ump calls batter out because he, once again, threw the bat. League rules say see babe ruth/call ripken rule book rule 6.05 but there is nothing in there about slinging bat?

I am not sure what the rule regarding throwing a bat in Babe Ruth baseball is but in Little League baseball if a player throws a bat he may be removed by the umpire from the batting order for the rest of the game. This player would still be allowed to play in the field but his spot in the lineup would be skipped every time he comes up. The batter being called out for throwing a bat might also be a local league specific rule.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
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