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Force While Tagging on a Fly Ball?

Cameron from KY asks:

Bases loaded, pop fly to the outfield. Runner at 2nd tags up but the 3rd base runner does not. Is it now a force play or a tag out at second?

There is n... Read More

Intentional Walk

Scott from Chicago, IL asks:

A batter gets intentionally walked where the pitcher didn't have to throw a pitch. While the batter is on his way to first, the runner on second had his foot off... Read More

Some general baseball questions

Mariam from USA asks:

How many batters must be out before they rotate? What do you call this rotation? How many rotations are there in a match? What is called when a batter hits the ball ... Read More

Triple Play On A Line Drive

Peter Beratta from Syracuse, NY asks:

Runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs. A line drive is hit to the 1st basemen who catches it in the air, steps on 1st to force that runner out, and the... Read More