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Umpire Colliding With a Player

Gene Gueniot asks:

With a runner on third a batted ball is hit to the shortstop toward second base. The base umpire and shortstop collide causing batter to be safe at first. What is rulin... Read More

Batted Ball Hitting a Base

Terence Condon from Peachland BC, Canada asks:

When a live ball struck by the batter hits a base, is it a fair ball in play?

Yes! As soon as a batted ball hits first or third... Read More

Pitcher Getting A Win

Jeff from Illinois asks:

How many innings must a pitcher pitch in order to earn a win or loss and not be a no decision. Example: a pitcher pitches five innings and leaves the game ahead 7... Read More

Coach's Interference

Hank Fenbert from Federal Way, WA asks:

What rules apply if a base coach interferes(intentionally/unintentionally) with a thrown ball, batted ball or a defensive player?

The ... Read More