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Umpiring From Behind The Pitcher

M.V. Basye from Virginia asks:

Has the baseball umpire ever stood behind the pitcher

Although it is unclear as to when they did and when they stopped, the umpire used umpire ... Read More

Ball Lodged in the Backstop

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

Is a player allowed to advance when the ball is stuck in the backstop

If a ball is lodged, the runners get one base from where th... Read More

Score of a Called Game

Tommy from Virginia asks:

On 6/2/13, why was the official score of the Redsox-Yankee game 3-0? The Redsox scored a run in the top of the 6th, but the Yankees did not get to play their hal... Read More

Taking a Bat Out Of The Game

Robbie Northcutt from Estill Springs, TN asks:

Can an ump take a bat out of a game that he says has a crack without showing the coach of the team the crack?

There is no rule ... Read More