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Walk off Home run Touch Requirements

Lynda Waller from Ontario, Canada asks:

We had a situation where we, being the home team, were down by 5 runs at the bottom of the 7th inning. To keep it simple, we scored 3 runs and then... Read More

Kicking The Baseball

Karl Muehlberg from Fresno, CA asks:

Is it legal for a defensive player to intentionally kick a batted ball to a teammate for the purpose of making an out?

Yes, this is legal... Read More

Advancing A Strike Three Passed Ball

Bob Fontaine from Silver Spring, MD asks:

If the catcher misses a pitched ball on strike three and there are runners on second or third, is/are the runner(s) allowed to advance? If not, c... Read More

Out or Run?

Dary Adway from Los Angeles, CA asks:

When the ball is hit over the wall, and the outfielder catches the ball and falls over the wall with the ball is it a out or a home run?

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