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Injured After a Catch in the Stands

Larry from Pennsylvania asks:

If a player catches a foul ball and then falls into the stands but is injured and unable to throw as the runner tags up, is there a limit to how many bases t... Read More


Fred from Soquel, CA asks:

Do umpires work as a team through out the entire baseball season or are they rotated?

Major League umpires stay with the same crew throughout the y... Read More

Force Removed on the Tag

Brian from Yukon asks:

The bases are loaded and the batter hits a grounder to first and gets tagged out. Is there still a force at home?

As soon as the batter-runner is... Read More

Ignoring the Ball on a Walk Off

David from California asks:

Bottom of 9th, score tied, man on third. Batter grounds the ball through the infield. As runner heads towards home, outfielders realize game is over and ignore... Read More