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Visits To The Mound

Frank from California asks:

When there is a conference on the mound, is there a rule about how long they can take or is it up to the umpire to give them whatever time he feels he wants to... Read More

Going From Foul to Fair Territory

Dee from Connecticut asks:

The ball hits the ground in foul territory, bounces, hits first base, and continues in fair territory. Is that a foul or fair ball?

Assuming that t... Read More

Retouching After a Foul Ball

Brad from Guelph asks:

Is there any rule stating that baserunners (with a leadoff) must return and touch the base after a foul ball or time is called?

Yes! When the ball goes... Read More

On Deck Circle

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

Is it required that a batter be on deck when his team is at the bat? I ask because I saw a game (Mariners at St Louis, Sept. 13, 2013) where t... Read More

Running Over The First Baseman

Diane Kluesner from Washington, MO asks:

My grandsons both play baseball, one is 7 years old and the other is 14 years old. My question is, lately the first baseman on the opposing team i... Read More