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Sophia asks:

A home run is hit over the fence. The batter, as he is rounding the bases, misses a base. Can the defensive team do anything? Would the batter be out if they took the ball, b... Read More

Tagged Out Rounding First

HuskyLife from Ontario asks:

In Major League Baseball, if the hitter rounds first and gets tagged on his way to second is it scored as a single?

 Yes, the batter is cre... Read More

Batter Runner Interference?

Paul Cohen from Los Angeles, CA asks:

With a runner at first (R1) a fly ball is hit to right field. The batter runs up the line and tags and rounds first base without over-running R1.The ... Read More

Retouching Multiple Bases on a Fly Out

Chris Bordage from Moncton NB Canada asks:

A runner runs from 1st and both touches and passes 2nd after the batter hits a long fly ball. The fly ball is caught. Does the runner have to ta... Read More