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Catch in the Stands

George Tuetken from Smithfield, RI asks:

Is there a rule that specifically prohibits a fielder from jumping into the stands to make a catch, if he starts in fair territory?

&... Read More

Removing the Force at Second

Benjamin Z. from Illinois asks:

Situation: Runner on first less than 2 outs. Hard grounder to the first baseman and he touches first throws to second. Can the runner choose to go back to ... Read More

Facing the Crowd

Jeanne Messier from Massachusetts asks:

Why does the umpire face the fans when cleaning off home plate?

There is no rule requiring the umpire to face the crowd when cleaning ... Read More

Fielder Getting Hit By a Pitch

Ben from Atlanta asks:

What would the ruling be if a pitcher's pitch hit a fielder on the way to the plate? For example, a fielder gets extremely close to the plate anticipating a bunt at... Read More