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Blocking A Base

Rufus from Indiana asks:

While sliding into 3rd base, the baseman's foot is blocking the base. The runner slides and is called out because 3rd baseman's foot is between base and base runn... Read More

Pitching With Sunglasses

Larry Spurr from Cedar Lake, IN asks:

Is there a MLB rules that states the pitcher can not wear sunglasses on the mound unless they are prescription sunglasses?

There is no r... Read More

Which Bat?

Danny Strande from South Dakota asks:

Can you swing an -8.5 bat in vfw teeners?

I am not sure about the answer for this question and the best way to get the answer would be t... Read More

Bases Awarded From the Outfield

Darrell jones from Nicholasville, KY asks:

Do you get two bases on an overthrow from the outfield?

Yes. On a wild throw from any fielder the runner recieves two bases from th... Read More