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Tagged Out on a Base

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

Bases loaded - none or one out. Ball is hit to the third baseman. the runner on third does not break for home. Can the third baseman touch the... Read More

Occupying a Base

John from Indiana asks:

Runners on second and third base with two outs. Ground ball hit to second base and batter beats the throw to first. Runner on third takes two steps towards home a... Read More

Coaching Two Teams

Ed Lee from Rhode Island asks:

Can a coach coach Junior Little League and also coach a Majors all-star team?

The best way to find this answer would be to contact your local ... Read More

Bounces Infront Of Third

John asks:

If a ball hits in front if 3rd base and bounces foul is it foul or fair?

As long as this ball did not hit the base or bounce over the base after hitting infront o... Read More