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Infield Fly

Doug asks:

What does the Infield Fly rule mean?

The Infield Fly rule takes into effect when there are runners at first and second or first, second and third with less th... Read More

Fan on the Field

Henry from San Carlos, CA asks:

Are there any circumstances in which a fan can be on the field during play and not be charged with spectator's interference, excluding falling onto it?Read More

Beating Out a Pop Up?

Norm Sanders from Indiana asks:

On a pop fly, can a batter reach base and be safe before the ball is caught?

No. Even if the batter reaches first before the pop-up is caught,... Read More

Bouncing Over the Bag and Going Foul

David Keller from Bloomfield, NJ asks:

A right handed batter hits a sharp ground ball angling towards third base. The ball takes 3 hops in fair territory and, after third hop, sails over ... Read More