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Hit By a Pitch On The Bounce

Robin Hood from Prince Edward Island, Canada asks:

When the pitcher throws a ball in the dirt and it bounces and hits the batter does he still get the base?

Yes! The ball is ... Read More

Which Bat?

Danny Strande from South Dakota asks:

Can you swing an -8.5 bat in vfw teeners?

I am not sure about the answer for this question and the best way to get the answer would be t... Read More

Ball Lodged in the Backstop

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

Is a player allowed to advance when the ball is stuck in the backstop

If a ball is lodged, the runners get one base from where th... Read More

Umpire Colliding With a Player

Gene Gueniot asks:

With a runner on third a batted ball is hit to the shortstop toward second base. The base umpire and shortstop collide causing batter to be safe at first. What is rulin... Read More

Failing to Tag Up on an Infield Fly

James Waters from Mesa, AZ asks:

Based loaded with 1 out and the batter hits an infield fly. The runner on first thinks there are 2 out and is caught between 1st & 2nd base as the bal... Read More