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Standing While Catching

Damion Lozier from corinth asks:

Does a catcher have to squat or can he be standing behind the plate when receiving a live pitch during an at bat?

The catcher does not have t... Read More

Little League Pitcher's Pivot Foot

Rodd from Maine asks:

What is the Little League rule concerning the pitcher's foot remaining in contact with the pitching rubber during delivery?

Any time a pitcher makes a p... Read More


Fred from Soquel, CA asks:

Do umpires work as a team through out the entire baseball season or are they rotated?

Major League umpires stay with the same crew throughout the y... Read More

Force Out Preventing an Error

Marcus Mills from Smyrna, GA asks:

Right fielder drops a fly ball but still forces out the runner that was on first base as they run to second. Is this an error?

This is... Read More

Injured Ump

Kellen from San Carlos, CA asks:

Besides an injury, for what reasons can an umpire be removed from a game?

The only reason an umpire should be removed from the game is becaus... Read More