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Tagging a Runner's Hair

Richard from Canada asks:

What happens when a player has extremely long hair (e.g. dreadlocks) and is a base runner? Does a tag on the hair constitute an out? And could long hair render a... Read More

Reversing A Call

John Wilson from Nappanee, IN asks:

Can a umpire reverse their own call after they make the call?

Yes. There is no rule against an umpire reversing his call and he should if ... Read More

Batted Ball Hits the Umpire

RO from Wisconsin asks:

A batted ball hits the umpire in fair territory, what is the ruling?

The rule regarding when umpire interference is called is very similar to when a r... Read More

Pitch Stuck in Catchers Gear

DJ from Illinois asks:

A pitch is low and bounces from the dirt and lodges in the catcher's chest guard. What is the ruling?

If a pitch gets lodged into the catcher's, or ump... Read More