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Dropped Infield Fly

Brad Gettle from Regina, SK asks:

Infield fly rule with the bases loaded. The ball falls in and the runner on second advances to third and touches third base. Can he retreat to second if... Read More

Blocking A Base

Rufus from Indiana asks:

While sliding into 3rd base, the baseman's foot is blocking the base. The runner slides and is called out because 3rd baseman's foot is between base and base runn... Read More

Dropping The Ball On The Transition

Sam M from Arlington, WA asks:

On a force to second, the shortstop covers second and they throw him the ball. In one continuous motion the SS gets the ball and bobbles it during his trans... Read More

Ignoring the Ball on a Walk Off

David from California asks:

Bottom of 9th, score tied, man on third. Batter grounds the ball through the infield. As runner heads towards home, outfielders realize game is over and ignore... Read More