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Stealing a Base on a Foul Tip

Art Carlson from Aberdeen, NJ asks:

A batter foul tips the ball with less than 2 strikes into the catcher's glove. Can a runner steal a base since catcher caught the pitch?

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Error on a Foul Ball

David Denitz from California asks:

Can a fielder make an error when the ball is in foul territory?

Yes, a fielder can make an error on a foul ball. If a fielder misplays a fo... Read More

Restarting from Scratch

Dave Mangin from Fortuna, CA asks:

A batter asks for timeout but it is not granted by the umpire. He steps out of batters box and, in result, the pitcher stops his delivery. Is this a bal... Read More

Finishing With 8

Scott from Vermont asks:

Can you finish a game with 8 players in American legion baseball ?

In Major League Baseball if a team is not able to or refuses to place nin... Read More

Line Drive Through the Green Monster

Nancy Dayton from Boston, MA asks:

At Fenway Park in Boston, if a line drive to center goes through the lights or camera eye of the green monster scoreboard, without hitting ground or pla... Read More