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Going From Foul to Fair Territory

Dee from Connecticut asks:

The ball hits the ground in foul territory, bounces, hits first base, and continues in fair territory. Is that a foul or fair ball?

Assuming that t... Read More

Hitting A Bouncing Ball

Nanci Ashback from Wilmington,Delaware asks:

When a pitcher throws the ball and it hits the plate and bounces up and the batter hits it, isn't that considered a dead ball?

No... Read More

Tagging a Base or Runner Without the Ball

Jeff Duke from Smyrna, Tennessee asks:

A defensive player has the ball in his bare hand and tags the runner or touches a base with an empty glove. Safe or out; tag or no tag?

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Bases Awarded From the Outfield

Darrell jones from Nicholasville, KY asks:

Do you get two bases on an overthrow from the outfield?

Yes. On a wild throw from any fielder the runner recieves two bases from th... Read More

Out of Play

Mike Kresovich from Centre County, PA asks:

Can a Defensive Player, step out of play, then establish himself back in play and make a catch?

Yes. There is no rule prohibiting... Read More