Overrunning First Base


John from New York asks:

If a batter receives a base on balls, and runs hard to 1st base, and either makes a turn towards 2nd base, over runs the base, or, after touching 1st base, his momentum takes him off the base. If the the pitcher or catcher throws to 1st, and the runner is tagged while off the base, is he out?

There is multiple scenarios in this question so I will take each of them one by one. Before that, however, let's clarify that a runner, no matter on a walk or hit, is allowed to overrun or overslide first base as long as he returns right away after overrunning it.

If a runner overruns first base and then attempts to run to second, even if it's dipping his shoulder or making one step as if he is attempting to go to second, and he is tagged while off the base then he is out.

If the runner misses first base he is allowed to still touch it as long as he does to at once.

If the runners momentum takes him off the base, as long as he is not making an attempt to go to second, then he is ok as long as he returns to the base immediately.


Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: MLB Rule 5.09(b)(11)

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