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Melanie from Johnstown, PA asks:

When a team is on defense may you switch a players position during the inning?

A player may play anywhere he wants on the field as long as he is inbetween the foul lines at the time of the pitch. So in other words in theory there could be two people in right field at a time and one of them could be the center fielder and one could be the right fielder. The player's possition (first baseman, second baseman, etc.) is more of a relitive term used for score keeping then anything else because on a huge over shift, often called the Ted Williams shift, the third baseman will usually stand where the shortstop would stand but he would still be called the third baseman. 

So to wrap it up fielders can change possitions as many times as they want on defense.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: Fielders

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