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Mariam from USA asks:

How many batters must be out before they rotate? What do you call this rotation? How many rotations are there in a match? What is called when a batter hits the ball into the crowds and runs slowly around the bases?

There are three outs in each half inning (one team is at bat and one team is on the field) and, once the defensive team (the one in the field) gets three outs against the offense, they switch sides. There are 9 innings in a game so there are 18 half innings. This changes, however, if the home team is winning going into the bottom (second half) of the 9th inning, then the bottom of the 9th will not be played since there is no way the visiting team will be able to win. Finally, this is called a home run and allows all runners on base to score uncontested. 

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo

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