Tag Up on an Infield Fly?


Coach John from North West Florida asks:

In a infield fly situation, if the ball is not caught on the fly and the runners were not in contact with their bases when the ball hit the ground, do the runners need to go back and tag their base before advancing? In other words, in an infield fly situation, does a runner need to tag up to advance to the next base even if the ball falls to the ground without being touched by an infielder?

In an infield fly situaton, the runners only need to tag up if the ball is caught. In an infield fly, the batter is automatically out but runners are allowed to advance at their own risk, meaning that, if the ball is caught, they can be put out for not tagging up, but, if the ball is not caught, then the runners are allowed to run as if it was just a normal hit. So, in this situation, the runners do not need to tag up.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo

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