Can a Runner Always Tag Up?


Dave Nielsen from Denver, CO asks:

If a long foul ball is caught by an outfielder, can base runners still tag up and advance? If so, a fielder might choose to intentionally not catch the ball in some situations.

Yes, a runner can always tag up on a fly ball, no matter where the ball is caught. In almost every situation, it would be advantageous for the fielder to catch the ball, no matter where it is (except possibly in foul territory), because he is getting an out for his team and, even if he does not catch the ball, the runner will still be able to advance. It is also more likely for the fielder to misplay the ball if he chooses not to catch it and possibly allow the runners to advance more then they would have if he had decided to catch the ball.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: Fielders

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