Bunting The Ball Twice


Eric from Atlanta asks:

The batter squares to bunt and makes contact wit the ball. The ball hits the ground and bounces up to strikes the bat a second time. Foul ball or is the batter out?

The ruling of this situation depends on where the batter and the bat is when the ball hit his bat the second time. If the batter still has both feet in the batter's box, then this will be a foul ball as long as there was no intent to hit the ball a second time. However, if there was intent to hit the ball twice or the bat hits the ball in fair territory (e.g. if the batter drops the bat and, while the bat is dropping, it hits the ball again in fair territory) with the batter no longer holding the bat while in the box, then the batter is out and no runners may advance.

Answered by: Jonathan Bravo
Keywords: MLB Rule 6.05(h)

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