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Add Stump The Ump to your site with our free widget. The widget will grab a random set of answers from the site. If you know how to include onto your page you can just grab the URL below. If you need to include it in an iFrame, the code is there, too.

If you have questions about how to implement this on your site, contact us and we'll give you a hand.

URL to the widget, for Wordpress, for example (default - 160 pixels wide):

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Reaching Home When the Batter is Out at First

Luke Allen from Kingston, Canada asks:

There is a runner on third with two outs when the batter hits a ground ball and gets out at first, but not before runner at third makes it home. Doe... (more)

The Hidden Ball Trick

Shane Davis from Winter Haven, FL asks:

Can a pitcher go to mound without the ball as long as he doesn't step on the pitching rubber? The 1st baseman would be holding the ball to try to t... (more)

Getting a Blown Save Without Giving Up a Hit

Bob O'Connor from Fremont, CA asks:

I don't understand the scoring in July 7th, 2015's Astro-Red Sox game. At the end of the 6th the game is tied. Then in the 7th Houston scores two. Then... (more)

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When it's added to the site, there are three settings you can use to modify the presentation:
limit (default = 3)
width (default = 160)
recent (default = no)

To use these settings, the URL will change to look like this to show the most recent answer at a width of 728 pixels:

iFrame example (300 pixels wide, 2 questions):
<iframe width="300" height="255" style="border:none;" src="" scrolling="no"></iframe>

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