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Hit By Pitch In The Zone

Stumper from StumpVille asks:

If a hitter jumps in front of the ball just to be hit but the ball is going right down the middle, is he considered hit by pitch? Or is it a strike, a ball, ... Read More

Dropping The Ball On The Transition

Sam M from Arlington, WA asks:

On a force to second, the shortstop covers second and they throw him the ball. In one continuous motion the SS gets the ball and bobbles it during his trans... Read More

Abandoning the Bases on a Walk

George McDermott from Fullerton, CA asks:

With the bases loaded, a batter walks and the man on third base is awarded home as a result of the walk. Is the man on third requir... Read More

Standing While Catching

Damion Lozier from corinth asks:

Does a catcher have to squat or can he be standing behind the plate when receiving a live pitch during an at bat?

The catcher does not have t... Read More