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Removing the Force at Second

Benjamin Z. from Illinois asks:

Situation: Runner on first less than 2 outs. Hard grounder to the first baseman and he touches first throws to second. Can the runner choose to go back to ... Read More

Fair or Foul Line Drive?

Ross from Tucson, AZ asks:

If a line drive is caught while the ball is in foul territory and the players is standing in fair territory is the ball fair or foul?

The fact if a... Read More

Earned Run On A Passed Ball?

Bill Koval from Quispamsis, Canada asks:

With one out and a runner on 3rd, a passed ball is charged to the catcher and a run scores. Is this an earned run? Does the batter get an RBI?Read More

Standing While Catching

Damion Lozier from corinth asks:

Does a catcher have to squat or can he be standing behind the plate when receiving a live pitch during an at bat?

The catcher does not have t... Read More

Juggled Line Drive

John Malone from Hawkins, TX asks:

With runners on 2nd and 3rd and no outs, a line drive is hit up the middle. The shortstop juggles and drops the ball. He then steps on second, then touc... Read More