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Coach's Interference

Hank Fenbert from Federal Way, WA asks:

What rules apply if a base coach interferes(intentionally/unintentionally) with a thrown ball, batted ball or a defensive player?

The ... Read More

Tagging Up On A Bobbled Ball

Roger from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands asks:

Situation: Runner on 1st. He takes a lead. The batter hits a fly ball to the outfield. The ball hits off the fielders glove and he bobbles it... Read More

Dead Before the Plate?

Jim from Michigan asks:

A pitch is in the dirt and the batter offers but holds up his swing. It is a called strike but the batter says it was a dead ball before it got to plate. What's th... Read More

Finishing With 8

Scott from Vermont asks:

Can you finish a game with 8 players in American legion baseball ?

In Major League Baseball if a team is not able to or refuses to place nin... Read More