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Pinch Hitting

Dave from PNC Park asks:

If you pinch hit for someone, does the player you pinch hit for have to come out of the game?

Yes. Once a player is removed for any reason from the g... Read More

Batted Ball Hitting a Base

Terence Condon from Peachland BC, Canada asks:

When a live ball struck by the batter hits a base, is it a fair ball in play?

Yes! As soon as a batted ball hits first or third... Read More

Tagging a Base or Runner Without the Ball

Jeff Duke from Smyrna, Tennessee asks:

A defensive player has the ball in his bare hand and tags the runner or touches a base with an empty glove. Safe or out; tag or no tag?

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Scoring Without Tagging Up

Jay from San Carlos, CA asks:

With 1 out and the bases loaded a fly ball is hit to center field. The runners advance at the time of contact so the runner at 3rd scores and the runner at 2... Read More