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Foul Ball Hitting a Runner

Steve from Iowa asks:

A batter hits the ball off the end of the bat and it bounces in fair territory half way between 3rd and home and is spinning foul. Prior to it landing in foul territ... Read More

Advancing A Strike Three Passed Ball

Bob Fontaine from Silver Spring, MD asks:

If the catcher misses a pitched ball on strike three and there are runners on second or third, is/are the runner(s) allowed to advance? If not, c... Read More

Retouching on an Overthrow

Al from Buffalo, NY asks:

Runner on 1st when the ball is hit to center. The fielder makes the catch with the runner on 1st 1/2 way to 2nd and the fielder throws to 1st but throws ball out... Read More


Fred from Soquel, CA asks:

Do umpires work as a team through out the entire baseball season or are they rotated?

Major League umpires stay with the same crew throughout the y... Read More