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Welcome to Stump The Ump!

Welcome to

Since this is the first post I will give an overview of what will be on this site. The home page will have the a few of the latest questions I have answered about baseball rules, game situations, or umpiring ... (more)

Batter Receiving an RBI in Result of a Balk

Bob Scott from mankato, mn asks:

does a batter get credit for a RBI when a balk is called and the runner from third scores

No, the batter does not recieve an RBI in this situ... (more)

First Baseman in Foul Territory at the Time of the Pitch

Bob from Colorado asks:

At first base the first baseman has one foot on the outside of the base when the pitcher is on the mound and delivers a pitch. Is this legal?

This is ... (more)

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