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Restarting from Scratch

Dave Mangin from Fortuna, CA asks:

A batter asks for timeout but it is not granted by the umpire. He steps out of batters box and, in result, the pitcher stops his delivery. Is this a bal... Read More

Obstruction With A Play

A Baseball Fan from The Baseball Field asks:

In the WS game 3, Middlebrooks was called for obstruction against Craig as Craig tried to go home. Given that scenario, what if Craig decided ... Read More

Runner Hit By A Thrown Ball

Dan Allaria from Illinois asks:

When is a base runner out because he was hit by a thrown ball?

A base runner is out because he was hit by a thrown ball only when he intention... Read More

Home Run Bouncing on the Fence

Jim from Charlotte asks:

A batted ball hits the fence and goes over the wall. Is it a home run or a ground rule double?

As long as the ball did not touch the ground at any p... Read More