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Stealing On A Foul Tip

Herb Hansen from Gurnee, IL asks:

Why is a runner leading off a base allowed to steal a base on a foul tip into the catcher's glove without first going back to the base like he would have... Read More

Umpire Colliding With a Player

Gene Gueniot asks:

With a runner on third a batted ball is hit to the shortstop toward second base. The base umpire and shortstop collide causing batter to be safe at first. What is rulin... Read More

Foul Ball Off the Knob of the Bat

Jim from Chesapeake, VA asks:

If a pitched ball hit the knob of the bat and goes into foul territory, is it a foul ball?

Yes, if a pitched ball hits any part of the bat and t... Read More

Tag Up on an Infield Fly?

Coach John from North West Florida asks:

In a infield fly situation, if the ball is not caught on the fly and the runners were not in contact with their bases when the ball hit the ground... Read More