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Tagging a Runner's Hair

Richard from Canada asks:

What happens when a player has extremely long hair (e.g. dreadlocks) and is a base runner? Does a tag on the hair constitute an out? And could long hair render a... Read More

Pinch Hitter for an Injured Batter

Brenda Spencer from Lincoln, CA asks:

If a batter fouls a ball that hits him and causes an injury that prevents him continuing the at bat, what happens?

If this happens then... Read More

Leading Off With a Fresh Count

Richard Escovedo from Texas asks:

Team 1 has 2 outs. A player at first the batter has a 1-1 count with a runner at first. The runner gets picked off runing to second for the 3rd out. Whe... Read More

Sliding Head First In High School

Carl Sharpe from New Jersey asks:

Can you slide head first into a base while stealing in high school baseball?

Yes. There is no rule in high school baseball that says you can... Read More