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Doubled Off On a Foul Ball

Fan from Canada asks:

Can runners be doubled off on a caught foul ball as they are on a fair ball?

Yes, a caught foul ball is treated the same way as a caught fair ball so, i... Read More

Blowing A Ball Foul

Crystal from Pittsburgh, PA asks:

If a ball is hit fair can the pitcher blow the ball foul?

Even though there is no written rule against a pitcher doing this, most umpires ar... Read More

Playing With Eight

Mike Komorowski from Pennsylvania asks:

Where in the rule book does it say that when you finish a game with 8 players that you have to take an out for that missing player?

Th... Read More

How Long is a Mound Visit?

David Los from Pennsylvania asks:

How long does the catcher or coach have until the umpire starts out to the mound during a mound visit?

This is solely up to the home plate u... Read More

Bunting The Ball Twice

Eric from Atlanta asks:

The batter squares to bunt and makes contact wit the ball. The ball hits the ground and bounces up to strikes the bat a second time. Foul ball or is the batter out... Read More