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Switching Positions

Melanie from Johnstown, PA asks:

When a team is on defense may you switch a players position during the inning?

A player may play anywhere he wants on the field as long as he... Read More

What Size Barrel?

Eric from San Antonio, TX asks:

My son is about to start coach pitch baseball for ages 7-8. What is the lagest barrel bat that he can use?

The best way to get an absolute ans... Read More

Catch in the Stands

George Tuetken from Smithfield, RI asks:

Is there a rule that specifically prohibits a fielder from jumping into the stands to make a catch, if he starts in fair territory?

&... Read More

Force or Tag Out on a Fly Ball

Johnny L from El Segundo asks:

A runner is on third base with 1 out. A fly ball is hit to the outfield and caught. The runner tags at 3rd base as if to go home and then decides to go back... Read More