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Maximum number of visits

Neil Hutchison from san diego asks:

In Major League Baseball, what is the maximum number of mound visits that a manager can make to a pitcher? I had thought it was a maximum of 2 per game... Read More

Finishing With 8

Scott from Vermont asks:

Can you finish a game with 8 players in American legion baseball ?

In Major League Baseball if a team is not able to or refuses to place nin... Read More

Confusion After A Fly Ball

Coach O from Iowa asks:

We teach to run hard through first base regardless if you are out of safe. The first base coach will tell you what to do. Here is the situation: Runners on 1st and... Read More

Injured Ump

Kellen from San Carlos, CA asks:

Besides an injury, for what reasons can an umpire be removed from a game?

The only reason an umpire should be removed from the game is becaus... Read More